first, i’ve added a link to KEVIN’S NEW BLOG, over there on the right side.  check it out!  except then you’ll hear all about our trip from him first, probably, because he’s also posting the thousands of photos he took.  but on the other hand, it’s our journey from his perspective, which is different from mine.

but the VERY BAD NEWS TODAY is…his sight has been messed up again.  On July 5th, 2014, he suddenly couldn’t see out of his right eye.  it was diabetic proliferative retinopathy; the blood vessels in his eye didn’t have enough oxygen, they ruptured, and new, crappy blood vessels grew and burst and cause him to go blind.  it has taken over a year for him to get better; he had a few laser surgeries where they cauterized the bad blood vessesl, and his vision in the right eye is better but not perfect.


good grief.  the left eye isn’t as bad as the right; he can see a little, but he already had an appointment with a new opthamologist scheduled for tomorrow, so we’ll go then.

I WISH WE HAD GONE YESTERDAY.  because it seems that this whole laser thing needs to be started RIGHT NOW, and WHAT IF IT GETS WORSE?

so things are a little stressful around here.  kevin is taking it all in stride, of course, and i’m TRYING JUST TO REMAIN CALM.

but of course one thing this does is put everything into perspective – i’d already been feeling kind of out of sorts suddenly being home and trying to think about life here at home as opposed to travelling all around the place – but now, the only thing matters is that kevin needs to get better!

we’re going for a little walk now.  not a big huge long walk, but at least it’ll be good to get outside instead of sitting around here fretting.

ok then,

mrs. wednesday hughes