i was wondering about the state of the weather channel anchors this morning – last night when i finally turned off the tv they said they’d be there all night, and i hoped there would be a saturday night live sketch, with the anchors at 4 a.m., crazed, hopped up on caffeine, disheveled and incoherent.

this morning, though, i think their names were krysta and chris, they looked fine, she was wearing a different dress…but then i realized these were all-new anchors.  the krysta and chris must be crashed out somewhere.

the anchors right now just said they’re THIS CLOSE to breaking the record for snowfall.  i can’t remember what the chris-clone’s name is.

they also had the tide specialist on the air, and it appears the tides will not rise to dangerour flood levels.

jim cantore was still walking around in boston – did he sleep at all?  he’s wearing a different hat now and looks very energetic, but that’s probably because this is one of the FUNNEST TIMES HE’S EVER HAD.

last night another weather guy out in the snow did look a little crazy – he was demonstrating how the snow had changed from wet, heavy snow to dry, fluffy snow, and he was trying to scoop it up but since it wasn’t scoopable he was just digging around in the fluffy snow and it was flying all around.  highly amusing.

i’ve noticed that there has been no mention of the other winter storm called orko.

now i just looked it up, and it’s supposed to happen starting tomorrow, with 10 inches of snow in minneapolis.  doesn’t sound that life-threatening to me.

i just found something funny about nemo on gawker.com, by kaity weaver:

And then there’s the “Nemo” thing. At the start of this storm season, The Weather Channel announced it would be naming winter storms pretty much just to make it easier to scare people; “WINTER STORM DRACO IS COMING” sounds a lot more terrifying than “a cold front will bring 2 – 3 inches of snow on Thursday.” The National Weather Service very huffily refuses to acknowledge these names, but #Nemo has already started trending on Twitter.

One of the brains behind the name list told The New York Times that “Nemo” was chosen primarily because it’s a Latin word (“no one”) and secondarily because Captain Nemo, from Verne’s “Twenty Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea,” was a charismatic, deranged madman (“a pretty tough, fierce guy”).

In 2013, calling a storm “Nemo” and telling everyone it’s not named after the clownfish who lost himself and found our love is like naming your son “Martin Luther King,” and telling everyone he’s named after Martin Luther King, Sr.

No more, Weather.com. No more from you.

i am now officially bored with all the CRITICAL STORM STUFF.  i have stuff to do today.  i wonder if there are still saturday morning cartoons?  if so, i bet they aren’t good ones like there used to be.

ok then,

mrs. saturday morning hughes.