ok, i realize that it’s not really “already” march, since it’s now the 19th.

but hey, it’s only two days after st. patrick’s day and here’s this funny photoshopped photo of randy the leprechaun.

yes, the photo has been there since i created a new banner on march 2nd, but if you only look at this on your teeny tiny phone screen, you wouldn’t be able to see just how funny it is.

just a few days ago i mentioned the photo to randy, because he’s usually very aware if i’ve posted anything about him, and i wondered why he hadn’t said anything about this picture.

clearly, he couldn’t see it.

this is yet another reason i hope computers aren’t really going to die.  will everybody be forced to see everything on teeny tiny screens?  no, maybe i’ll have to use a tablet?  but what about a keyboard?

i continue to frown on too much new technology even though i just read an article saying that COMPUTERS ARE DEFINITELY DYING.

here is kevin in the parade on saturday.  it’s not a very good photo of that fellow in the row ahead of him, is it?  not the most photogenic of guys.

i feel that i’ve gotten him to turn and smile at me when he marched in other parades.  maybe it was just TOO DAMN COLD and windy and rotten on saturday.  maybe he didn’t even know i was there.

that is all for right now.

ok then,

mrs. tuesday hughes.