i feel hungover from staying up so late.  IT WASN’T THAT LATE.  we got to bed before 12:30, and i slept…and slept…and slept.  but i feel so tired today, and i’ve been trying to get photos to put up here – yesterday i thought i was done with the photos for 2010 but then i went outside and it was so warm and awesome to be out there that i decided to take a bunch more photos.

as far as addictions go, though, it’s a good one.

i guess i don’t have any resolutions, except that i resolve to weigh myself on monday.  i feel that in the past few days i’ve gained back all the weight i’ve lost in the past several months.  i felt like i lost a significant amount – about 12 pounds – but almost NOBODY NOTICED.  what’s the use feeling THIN THIN THIN for a brief moment in time if everybody thinks you looks just the same, or maybe they don’t really look at me anyway?

the clothes have been loose, such a great and fleeting feeling.  maybe it will last, IF ONLY ALL THE DAMN XMAS COOKIES WERE GONE NOW.  i could eat a delicious chocolate-covered bourbon ball right now, but last night i wisely put them in the freezer along with all the other cookies.


ok then,

mrs. 2011 hughes.