hmm, the halloween party…well, i’m pretty sure people had a good time…but it was a little sad for me, because of the people who weren’t there.

dad didn’t come to the party for the first time this year; he said he just doesn’t do so well at night.

here are  his awesome costumes from years past. last year he was a rhinestone cowboy, i think.  he made this jacket when he was in “best little whorehouse” at the theatre centre quite a few years ago.  behind him is kevin park, who also wasn’t here this year.

in 2009, dad was a man in black, and mom was dorothy. really cute.

he was a crazy chef the year before that, yielding a huge knife and swinging a big dead rat.

i’m not exactly sure what Dad was in 2007; some kind of Cardinal Devil with black fingernails. i wonder what happened to mom’s big witchy wig?

2006, he was…some professorial type of person.  i will have to ask him, because i know he was something specific.

at our first party, dad was death.  he wrote “je suis morte” on his forehead.  he was with tracey cooley, who hasn’t been to a party in years.  i hope she and bill come back someday…

today mom came over and got a bunch of party leftovers, so at least dad can munch on chocolate zombie eyeballs, even though he didn’t dress up and join us.

also, the party this year just wasn’t the same without randy.  he’s having bad knee issues, so he was in too much pain to come.  neither randy nor dad had ever missed a party.

the first year Randy was a lottery ball.

randy was a rocker the year amy and jim were scary dead people.


randy was as huge hit as “bananas foster.”

two years ago he was a statue, here with the lovely erica.  also didn’t make it to the party this year.

last year was randy’s most obscure…here he is with keith, also MIA this year…randy was, yes, A SALT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON.  yes, he was a grain of salt.  definitely his most obscure costume.

randy told me what he was going to be this year; i won’t tell you, in case he decides to save it for next year.

next year, hopefully we will see the return of a few people we’ve missed.

ok then,

mrs. halloween hughes.