…the tv show, that is.

for quite a while now, amy and jim and randy have been obsessed with the show “lost,” and amy keeps saying YOU HAVE TO START WATCHING IT! i don’t want to be hooked into watching some show, especially one where you’re always left hanging. i’ve watched a few episodes with randy, and it’s always annoyingly confusing.

have i mentioned that my sister can be very very persistent? she brought the first dvd of the show to our house on mother’s day, and we capped the day’s festivities with not one, but the first THREE episodes of the show. and now i want to watch all the rest of them, right now, but at the same time i’m annoyed because i knew this would happen.

this is how ridiculous the show is – in one of the episodes, some of the people were being chased by something, and a guy shot it, and it was a polar bear. if you’ve been living under a rock and aren’t familiar with the premise, it’s about a bunch of people who have crashed on an island. an island with palm trees, so WHY WOULD THERE BE A POLAR BEAR?

at one point they were trying to figure out how to fix some receiver and i said THEY NEED TO FIND THE PROFESSOR. because, let’s face it, what could be a better shipwrecked tv show than “gilligan’s island?” hopefully they’ll find a magic box of seeds and they’ll all have superhuman strength at some point – that was my favorite gilligan’s island episode.

speaking of tv and superhuman strength, yesterday i heard the very end of an NPR report about new shows coming to tv, and one of them is “bionic woman.” how great is that? maybe they should just re-make all the good old tv shows, instead of trying to think up “new” ideas that aren’t so new and aren’t so good, either.

meanwhile, i’m going to be trapped watching “lost.”

ok then,

thursday grace.

p.s. we’re going to las vegas in a week and a half, and i have to prepare to win FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS A DAY. that’s the realistic goal that kevin has set for me. maybe he’ll need to help attain that.