plus here’s a picture of kevin at the shooting place in his civil war duds.

i’ve decided that instead of apologizing for having so many geese photos, i should just go ahead and EMBRACE THE GEESE.

not literally of course because they wouldn’t like that at all.  and they might bite me.  can you get rabies from a goose?

but yesterday i was out in the yard taking pictures and they were just SO CUTE and i kept taking pictures plus i shot four videos.  i walked outside and there were so many of them out there, and i grabbed a bag of hamburger buns and tried to throw them from the deck and of course i can’t throw at all and they were way too far away.  so i quietly walked down into the yard, closer and closer to the geese, and i threw the bread and finally it was close enough and they started to eat it!  i love these videos and couldn’t decide which one to post so of course here they ALL ARE.

if you feel you don’t want to watch all the geese videos (and i don’t know why you wouldn’t want to!), i suggest you just watch GEESE PART 4.  although seriously, they’re not that long and it’s not like you have tons of other stuff to do in your life, right?

and of course in between shooting video i was taking lots of pictures.

you can just see the breadcrumbs sticking out of his mouth.

i love that they just plopped down on the grass to relax.

he’s so cute, with his leg splayed out like that.  she?

just like he’s posing for me.

this is my favorite picture.

since kevin has been gone, i’ve been staying up much later than i usually do.  this would be ok if i could sleep in, but i woke up at seven this morning and realized i wasn’t getting back to sleep.  maybe a nap later today?  many things to do.  must get up and start doing them.

have a great saturday; tomorrow it will be august.

ok then,

hillbilly saturday grace.