sometimes i feel like we’re living in the wild here.

a tiny fawn appeared at the fence the other morning when i was drinking my tea.  since then we’ve seen it nursing, as well as leaping and bounding after its mother.  so tiny, and so darling.

and tonight – well, the cats have really been catching many animals.  just yesterday i was in the music room looking for an envelope and heard a little noise.  i turned to look and there was les paul, happily munching on a baby bunny.

it had no head.

yes, lester felt that the head was the most delectable part of the bunny.

at least i knew it was dead.

tonight i let chester out, thinking he wouldn’t be long because it’s finally raining, plus there’s some thunder and lightning.

sure enough, he was at the window in no time…but he had something in his mouth.  it was very small, and at first i thought it might be a moth, but i don’t think moths are out at night, are they?

because it was raining i let him into the screened porch and he dropped it.  a tiny baby mouse.  oh brother.

he kept dropping it and playing with it and i kept yelling KILL IT, CHESTER, KILL IT!  because i didn’t want an injured mouse getting into a corner and dying.

after a bit of this i realized that chester just wanted to play, so i shoved him into the house and shut the door.  i then spent a good 15 minutes attempting to catch the poor little thing, who i don’t think was injured, but just freaked out, as one would be when being bandied about by a giant ferocious tuxedo cat.

i tried scooping him up with a napkin but that didn’t work, and i finally got a little glass and an envelope (not the one i’d been searching for on the previous day), and cornered him.  i picked him up by his tail and plopped him in the glass.  he didn’t seem too worse for wear, and i hope he has found his way back to his home now.  i guess i don’t know how this is possible – i just let him out onto the grass, but maybe his mom will smell him and come looking?

that’s all the animal excitement for tonight.

i sincerely hope.

ok then,

mrs. wednesday night hughes.