i went running, and it was overcast and sprinkling a little bit, but then it stopped, and i felt good, and decided to run all the way to the start of the vachel lindsay bridge…but when i got there i decided i might as well run over it, and then i figured that the beach house was only a little farther still.

it was a good run, except running back, i started to wish that it’d pour down rain so kevin would come and rescue me in the car.

i did save four wooly worms today.  that’s one of my goals when running on the lake road, is to watch out for the poor wooly worms attempting to cross the road.  i see many squished ones, and the other day i saw a few who were intact but dead, but i felt good about saving four of them today.

but then, a really sad thing on the road – i ran past a deer lying up against the woods, and she didn’t look like she was going to go anywhere even though she must have been wary about me.  then i realized that behind her, another deer was lying in the brush, and it must have been dead.  it hit me as really, really sad.

but then i saved some wooly worms and felt a little better.  i keep thinking that i want to write a song called “who’s sad for the squirrels,” about all the dead animals i’m always seeing on the road, and make a video for another “gracetalk.”  but i feel it would be kind of downer, probably.

and something that cheers me up, anyway…KITTIES!

still september, les thoroughly enjoying his walk.

he looks like the tiniest kitty ever here!

chester, always lurking around while we walk.

and then, lying down flat like a sleek panther.

i like it that chester always manages to squeeze himself onto any surface, no matter how crowded it might be.  earlier today, both he and les were walking all over the dining room table while kevin sat there eating his breakfast.  i did manage to get them off the table, but if we’re there, they want to be there too.

last night randy was playing with les and he said that he’s so darn cute that he needs his own website.

but really, doesn’t he pretty much have one?

now i must hurry and get many more things done,

mrs. still tuesday hughes.