gambling addict, that is. me, grace hughes.

it wouldn’t have been bad, being a gambling addict, if i’d WON A BUNCH OF MONEY.

actually, the only night that i was suddenly an addict, i did win money – but then i lost it all. WHY DIDN’T I QUIT WHEN I WAS AHEAD?

i guess that’s what people do when gambling, though, huh? they win money and then they say to themselves I CAN WIN EVEN MORE!!!

because that’s what i did.

here’s me and kevin, sitting at the bar next to the pool at the Mirage.

kevin and me

he took this picture with his phone. he took another good photo of the pool, too, but i don’t have time to upload it now.

las vegas is a very tiring place. i slept 12 hours last night, and i could take a nap right now.

it’s also very noisy. and still smoky, although not as bad as it used to be.

very very noisy, though. kevin didn’t really like it.

dad, on the other hand, was like the energizer bunny on crack while in vegas. that’s kevin’s description. vegas feeds dad with all kinds of crazy energy. he gambled, he ate, he drank, he gambled some more, he had a great time chatting with cab drivers and various other people and he seemed more energized as each day passed.

one evening while kevin and i took an hour and a half nap, dad was busy having a cocktail and gambling.

mom even gambled a little.

nobody struck it rich.

the one night that i gambled into the night after everybody else had gone to bed (well, we weren’t sure where dad was), i felt so mad at myself for losing money. the next morning i was still mad at myself and decided I’M NEVER GAMBLING AGAIN.

and at the same time i thought I MUST WIN THAT MONEY BACK PLUS MORE.

we probably won’t be heading back to vegas any time soon, even though in august they’re going to start having cheap direct flights from splfd.

“O” was wonderful, again.

ok then,

june grace.