after 15 unbelievably horrific days in the hospital, dad had a “miraculous recovery,” and the doctor came in and talked about moving him home after the weekend, and dad was so happy and felt good and joyfully drank a chocolate shake.

and a year ago today, he died.

if you haven’t lost a parent, you can’t imagine what it’s like.

the thing is, my dad was the sweetest man.  gentle, kind, sweet, incredibly generous. a really good human being.

it’s hard to believe that it has been a year.

here’s dad, as he and mom painstakingly restored the victorian-era house they bought in the early 60s and spent most of their time living there renovating it.

mom and dad were in the art fair a few times, and when i was a kid i loved going with them and hanging out.

a year ago, i was at the art fair, taking a break from the hospital horrors, when jim called to say that dad wasn’t going to make it.

dad with darling little amy.

he was such an adorable child.

cleaning out the basement.  i love this picture because he looks like a junk man.

at mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary, dad making a joke about how much he loved butter.

with shortie.

so cute.

one of his many fabulous halloween costumes.  i don’t think dad was so crazy about the parties, but he did love getting ready for them.

gizmo, who he loved the best.

before i got married, i worried about dad’s health, worrying that he might not make it to walk me down the aisle.  but he did.

another one of my favorite photos.

he was soo tiny and cute.

relaxing on the deck with fourlane and G.K.  he looked so very happy there.

thinking about dad today makes me want to sit around and be sad all day, but seeing this picture makes me want to go out and plant the flowers out there on the deck that have been sitting there for over a week, and i want to make it look as good as it did when dad took such good care of it.

we miss you so much, my darling dad.

ok then,

mrs. may 18th grace.