On December 8th we spent the night at Starved Rock State Park. Just one night, but it was incredible to get out of town, something we hadn’t done since our trip to Glacier in September of 2019. Yeah, a very long time.

I’d booked the overnight to Starved Rock for September I think, but then kept changing the dates. The first time it was predicted to be way too warm, and another time there was a good chance of thunderstorms. I can’t remember why we ended up going in December, but it ended up being a good choice.

We left around eleven in the morning and because Kevin was driving I had the rare chance to look around at the detritus that had piled up in the space between the front seats. I discovered this leftover container. Hmm, what could it be? I opened it and smelled it and Kevin said DON’T TASTE IT! But i hadn’t planned to. I realized it was lotion, but I never put lotion in a leftover container. It was Amy’s, from some long-ago time when she’d been in the car and left her lotion.

A very exciting discovery at the outset!

We arrived at Starved Rock in time for lunch and Kevin was happy to get a cup of coffee.

A while ago he’d told me that in his opinion, the dining room at Starved Rock had the best coffee anywhere in the world. He had a few cups during lunch.

I got pizza because Kevin has cut cheese from his diet, so no more frozen pizzas for dinner.

The pizza was perfectly tasty but made me realize that I’m OK not having pizza on a regular basis. It was also good that there were few people in the dining room, because of all the Covid everywhere. Ironically of course, there’s way more of it spreading right now than back in December.

We had a lovely cabin room.

I tried the water from the bathroom sink and it was horrible and very cloudy. Kevin then confessed that the best coffee in the world wasn’t anymore because of the foul-tasting water. What a shame, but maybe the water will be better the next time we’re there.

It was cold out, maybe in the 20’s or low 30’s, and we managed to take a great hike. More on that later, but as I said, it was such a wonderful feeling to be away from home. Our friend Glenn had volunteered to spend the night at our house and take care of all the kitties, which was so nice of him. In December we had four inside and two outside cats, which was quite a few for him to handle. Since Wanda’s cat Marley has joined our home, we’re now really full-up with cats. I’m not sure when we’ll ever be able to take another trip, but who knows…

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the so far snow-free winter right here.

ok then,

Mrs. 2022 Hughes.