not that anybody ever write to me with information about things that i need answers to, but i want to delete the comments that continue to infest my site (kind of like ticks, only without the actual blood). you can’t see the comments, but the evil bad people doing the posting have figured out how to do it. so i’m thinking of deleting all of my postings from the beginning up till january of this year, because after january, they haven’t broken through.

but maybe somebody with lots and lots of knowledge knows how to fix the problem without me having to delete all those postings.

anybody? anybody?

i still want to be camping. if i decide to just exclusively camp for the rest of my life, i’ll have to replace the blogging with smoke signals, so maybe you should start reading up. as should i.

i hope your week was good. i have to give a bunch of massages now.

ok then,

grace perpetually in need of some answers of one kind or another.