i spent the day power-washing the deck.

it looks pretty good now, except for the part that i didn’t finish because i was suddenly very tired after power-washing for a few hours.

on sunday we finally took mollie to petsmart to get her free BIRTHDAY TREAT.  she was quite excited to be there, of course, what with all the great smells of dog food and cat food and lots and lots of pee.  plus there were other dogs also shopping and she got to sniff a couple of them, too, except one dog didn’t look so friendly and the owner said it was friendly “sometimes.”  so mollie stayed away.

we had to also buy winnie some PINK CAT FOOD.  it’s the big can of friskies salmon.  BUT THEY ONLY HAD ONE CAN LEFT.  how is this possible?  clearly other cats obsess about the salmon as much as winnie does.  we quickly snatched up the pink can, then looked for something to tide him over, something that he might not hate.  we knew he didn’t like any of the other flavors that came in big cans, so we got a couple of little cans.  one of them was salmon with beef, and instead of “pate,” which is a big glob of food, it was “flakes.”

WINNIE IS NOW ADDICTED TO THE SALMON AND BEEF FLAKES.  when kevin gave him some on sunday night he WOLFED them down like crazy and walked over the counter to see if he could get any more.

last night when i got up in the middle of the night, Winnie LEAPT out of bed and RACED to the kitchen just as fast as his little legs could take him, MEOWING furiously.


i gave him a little bit, but because it’s such a small can there wasn’t a whole lot left.

clearly we’re going to start buying him some of that now.  soon he’ll HATE the big cans of just plain salmon.

mollie hates no food.  we weighed her at petsmart, hoping that she’d lost some weight since she’s been on a diet for a while now.


so we have to be better about giving her less food and taking her for more walks.

today she chased, caught, and ate a bunny.  i didn’t witness this,fortunately, but kevin says it was a pretty small one.

eating bunnies is not part of her diet, but  Mollie didn’t care at all.  she was pretty excited about the whole thing, actually.

tomorrow, more power-washing, a walk for mollie, and no bunnies whatsoever.

ok then,

tuesday grace, still a hillbilly.