my darling aunt sandy brought us MANY MANY lou malanti’s delectable fabulous delicious pizzas down from chicago yesterday afternoon!  many, many choices!

i probably will never eat again.

i have no photos right now of our new kitty, whose name is now CHESTER instead of clyde.  i named him clyde for my dad, but dad isn’t so keen on the name clyde, which is probably why he’s known as CD or don or donnie, which is what aunt sandy calls him.

so, chester it is.  i let chester roam free in the house on tuesday and he was doing OK except terrified of mollie.  i was then out in the back yard and kevin in the front and he said he heard KITTY SCREAMING and went in and chester and winnie were having an epic battle, not a friendly one.

so he and amy thought that chester needed to go back in the cage.

but after that, chester didn’t seem very well – all day wednesday he mostly laid under the chair in the hot tub room, in his little kitty cave.  he sneezed a LOT and seemed very lethargic.

thursday, he seemed even worse, and i was pretty sure he’d die in the night.

yesterday, though, he was perky and happy.  yesterday afternoon i let him out into the bedroom and he didn’t seem as freaked out by terrifying ferocious mollie, and so i let him walk around the house.  he was like a changed kitty, all calm and relaxed and fine with things.

winnie was sleeping on the screened porch and eventually chester wandered out there, and winnie hid under a table.  they haven’t had another encounter…yet.

meanwhile, chester and lester happily chase each other all around the place, having a grand old time.  things are getting a little more normal around here, and hopefully i won’t have to be a 24-hour kitty nursemaid soon.

ok then,

saturday morning grace.