mid-february, , lots of snow had fallen yet again, so i decided to go down to the dock and take a look at the frozen lake.  les was CRAZY to get out as usual, so i let him out the back door, thinking that he’d surely stay up on the deck because the snow was pretty darn high.

and he’s a cat.

and cats don’t generally care to go flouncing around in the DEEP SNOW.

but we’re talking about mr. les paul here.

it was sunny and beautiful…

…and les decided he wanted to follow me.

it was really pretty, and the geese were hanging out on the ice.

and down the hill marches lester!

the snow was deeper down at the dock; up at the house, it had been tramped down quite a bit by geese.  it didn’t bother les.  but i figured, it was OK, i could pick him up when he reached me down on the dock.

but, wait!  les spied something.

and made his move…

and started down the little hill toward the water.

and then, boom, he was gone.  he slipped right into the hole in the rocks. WHY DID YOU DO THAT, LESTER?  i immediately started to worry – what if he didn’t come out?

well, i know that was crazy, he wasn’t going to take up residence in there, but i panicked and called kevin, who was in the house.  PLEASE COME DOWN HERE AND HELP ME GET LES OUT OF THE HOLE! i said.  PLEASE HURRY!!!

and then, les popped out again.  whew.

he stopped to assess the situation, as i called and called and called him.  he ignored me.

and then he marched right down to the ice.  DON’T WALK ON THE ICE, LESTER!  WHAT IF YOU FALL THROUGH???

not only did he not pay any attention to me, but he decided to saunter right under the dock.

and then made his way along the edge of the ice.  i got more and more hysterical, sure that he’d fall through.

but really, don’t geese weight more than a kitty?  cause the geese were all out there hanging out, not worried about falling through.  but if a goose fell through, wouldn’t it just float, anyway?  or fly away?

luckily, kevin arrived on the scene.  YAY KEVIN!  he climbed right down to rescue our crazy little kitty.

at least les didn’t run away, but instead was perfectly happy to see kevin.

RESCUE!  now, you might ask, why didn’t YOU go rescue the kitty, instead of making kevin do it?  well, honestly, i can’ remember.  i bet it was mostly because i was pretty sure that i wasn’t so sure-footed and could easily fall right down and then fall through the ice myself.

plus, of course, who would document it?

here are les and chester exploring the first section of their kitty condo.

such a darling kitty, you can understand why i’m worried about him a lot.

i took a great picture of him in the expanded kitty condo yesterday, and at the rate i’m going with these photos, maybe it’ll be up here by the end of march.

but probably not, because the end of march is really looming out there.

ok then,

mrs. g.h.