COME ON NOW!  kevin and i were going to go for a long walk this morning, but it’s not gonna happen.  enough with the rain already!

i took a picture of this prety watercolor; i’d like to paint watercolors like that. so when am i gonna start that? in the winter, when it’s too cold to go out?

my friend erica, who is moving to tennessee this week, took a short trip to aruba with a cousin.  it looks beautiful, albeit a tad windy.

this is my favorite photo – erica doesn’t like to take many photos when she travels; she’s the complete opposite of us.  but i asked her, PLEASE TAKE SOME PICTURES!  so she took these three.

last evening les was being really, really good out in the backyard.  first, he was just lying on the deck for a while, then sprawled out in the yard.  but then kevin looked over and he was about to make quick work of a poor little chipmunk, so kevin ran out and got les, and the little guy ran up a tree.  whew.

one of my many projects this summer – i planted three big bushes and four small ones, and i guess this isn’t such a great photo because i didn’t manage to get all of them in!  plus lots of mulching – i bough so very many bags of mulch, and i think i only have two or three left.  will i use them?  i definitely could, plus more, but just don’t know if it’s gonna happen.  luckily, it keeps til next year.

kevin and garrick visited garrick’s friend somewhere north of here, and they camped out in the guy’s parents backyard.  i really love this little area here; it’s just so inviting, isnt’ it?

they had lots and lots of goats!

so dang cute…we should get some goats!  hmm, i wonder if that’s allowed in the city?  maybe not.

one of the many tiny baby deer all around us.  we did see one dead baby deer by the side of the road after this photo was taken, but we’ve seen many more live ones, bouncing all around.

les looks just like a baby deer!

here are a few of the lilies that survived the deer onslaught.

and that’s the animal and flower update for the morning.  i hope your weekend is fun and relaxing…

ok then,

mrs. saturday morning hughes.