last saturday night it was so fun to get all dressed up and go to the ballet fundraiser gala. they had a great silent auction, and one of the items was a chocolate shoe.  this was the actual shoe that you were supposed to take home and eat (if you won the bidding).  my question is – ok, you can’t touch it or try it on, but what if i leaned down and took a big bite out of it?

and also, is it really meant to be eaten?  i shudder to think of the huge quantities of was they must have used to make it be so rigidly shoe-shaped.

and if it isn’t supposed to be eaten, what’ s the point in it being made of chocolate?

i can’t remember the last time kevin wore his tux.  he looked great.  we’ll have to think of an excuse for him to wear it again soon.

i think mom and dad had a good time, although our table was right next to the speakers for the very loud band.

on sunday we went to garrick and janice’s house.  this is what happens when you have a tall dog who is desperate for some food from the table.  his name is moon, and he’s SO CUTE.

their cat named jerry looks almost identical to winnie, except maybe he’s a little bit bigger.  he also holds his own against the two dogs; maybe winnie can go over and get some assertiveness training.  their dog max is a lemon  beagle, and he’s a cuddly lap dog.

on monday, it looked like the swan was doing an interpretative dance.

the geese were determined to eat up every last bit of bird food.  one enterprising goose sat right down in the feeder.  there’s one there at this moment, too.

it was a windy day and i had three bags of popcorn, and one of the empty bags blew out of my hand.  there it was skittering across the ice.  mollie was desperate to get out there and retrieve it, so i had to keep yelling at her so she wouldn’t.  i feel bad for littering, but at least it’s a paper bag and should biodegrade once the ice melts and the bag can sink to the bottom.  maybe some animal has already taken it.  maybe a mice family is living in it.

in this picture, it looks like the geese are lined up, getting ready…

and here, they’re ready for their big number.  it would have been funny if they’d broken out into a song and dance.

this is my favorite photo, swans eating plus all the geese and ducks coming over to get their fair share.

i wonder if this is the same goose who was sitting on the feeder earlier?  i guess they’d take turns, but maybe this is the most assertive goose.

it looks like the cardinal over there on the left is looking at me, saying, “why are you letting these big mean birds to eat all my food?”

on wednesday evening, the yard was suddenly full of deer.  do you wee them way down by the water?  they just kept strolling in from the side yard, and pretty soon there were too many to count.  there were more than a dozen of them, and some of them were eating something near the shore.  maybe it was the popcorn that we couldn’t fling far enough.  probably it was the dried grasses…will the daylillies i planted last year have any chance at all?  in the fall the deer ate all the leaves off of them.

maybe some kind of elaborate barbed-wire will deter them.  that wouldn’t be very pretty, but at least maybe we’d be able to save the blooms.  hmm, i should have planted all of them close to the house, except that i don’t think i had any more room for any near the house plus there’s not lots of sun nearby.  the thought of digging them up in the spring isn’t super-appealing right now, but when it gets warmer AND IT’S GETTING WARMER EVERY DAY THANK GOD, maybe it won’t be so bad to do.

so many were clustered around the bird feeder…

and then one of them saw me.  i tried to be as still as a statue.

and then another one heard me, too.

they weren’t really that worried, though, and spent a lot of time out there.  the next night there were only a couple deer, but i’m sure they’ll be back.  maybe if we keep the bird feeder filled, they won’t go down and eat the lillies, and the hostas around the house…

finally, here’s a picture i found in my camera.  i took it LAST february, winnie hanging out trying to stay warm and relax at the same time.

and now, TA DA, i’m all caught up with the photos!  i am so close to finishing those videos of scotland.  maybe i’ll be able to start putting them up this week!  whoo hoo, as kevin would say!

ok then,

mrs. sunday morning hughes watching the cracks start to appear in the ice.