gee, i was reading that last post about all the painting at the duplex…it seems so long ago.  we spent a relatively exhausting weekend in sterling, doing fun stuff like carrying furniture around, taking stuff out to the garage.  i cleaned out kevin’s dad’s fridge, and it took two hours.  it wasn’t anywhere near as dirty as mom and dad’s fridge, which i just cleaned, and yet it took a very very long time.  the upside is that after i decided to do this task right after we got there on saturday afternoon and i was scrubbing at the freezer, i realized that it was a pretty good job because it was about 90 that day and there’s no central air conditioning in the house, so at least i was kind of cool.

yesterday i spent a long time cleaning their small bathroom, and i had the deja vu cause on monday i’d cleaned mom’s bathroom.  i am starting to feel that this is my whole life, the vigorous cleaning of parents’ houses.

but this week will have many bright spots – for one thing, i have massages every day which will force me to JUST STOP PAINTING over at the duplex. plus it’s going to be so perfect outside that i’m going to start with the much more fun job of pulling the huge dandelions over there, so i can enjoy the outside for a little bit.

PLUS, because this is my birthday week, we will have to stop not once but TWICE to go get free ice cream at baskin robbins and the cold stone creamery!

good things, good things.

here is mollie, soooo tired yesterday afternoon when we were driving home.  she had spent the day following us up and down the stairs as we carried stuff, and then outside, and then ou to the car as we packed it up, always concerned that we might abandon her.  she had a lot on her mind plus she got a great cardio workout, but then she was so sleepy immediately when she got in the car but refused to actually lie her head down and sleep.

ok ok ok,

mrs. monday morning hughes.