yesterday, a little rocky, but today promises to be better.

for one thing, kevin is coming home.

he’s been gone since wednesday, at the North South Skirmish Association spring national civil war shooting competion in winchester, VA.

or the soggy excuse for it this year.

when he arrived on thursday morning, he wanted to shoot his 8 individual categories.  he got through three of them, and then they made an announcement that they should COLLECT THEIR STUFF AND GET OFF THE RANGE, because a storm was a brewin’.

i guess they should have made the announcement a little sooner, because kevin said he did manage to pack up his guns and started the long walk back to his camp, but then huge black clouds rolled in and the sky opened up and he was in the middle of a deluge.

luckily he was wearing a raincoat, but his jeans got all wet.

luckily also, he brought another pair of jeans.

so that was shooting for the day, and i believe it rained the rest of the day and all night.  i read online that there was a flash flood watch for winchester.

i think they shoulda called it a flash flood warning.

on friday, they were supposed to have some team shoots.  they cancelled the events for the whole day, because the entire range was under three feet of water.

here’s a casualty of the storm, what used to be one of the shelters that the 114th had set up.

there’s a u-haul and the remains of a tent to the left of the bridge.

this was a submerged dumpster – kevin said he also saw a cot floating by.

he says this is what was saved – i like it that there’s a big botle of whiskey on top of that barrel.

he said he saw a guy dragging a generator out of the water.  do you think it still runs?

the 114th usually brought food for dinner and ate it around a campfire, but decided this year to just eat the food that was for sale down at the range.

except they closed the range.  whoops.  luckily, kevin had brought plenty of camping food because he’s always prepared, and another guy had brought stuff, so they didn’t starve.

but there wasn’t much to do on friday except watch stuff float by in the water.

the people in charge of the event had a long meeting to discuss whether they should just cancel the whole thing.  they decided to have a couple of shoots on saturday and on sunday; i guess they figured that since people had traveled so far to get there, they should try to have some shooting.  it didn’t seem to me that the ground could possibly get dry enough, but on saturday they did shoot, and kevin said it was surprisingly not so muddy.

here’s some random guy down at the range on saturday.

before he went on his trip, kevin meticulously cleaned and vacuumed out the van.  i felt bad since i’m the one who mostly drives it; it was pretty dirty.  i took a picture of it after he’d cleaned it out, and hopefully, when he gets home tonight, i’ll take another one.

i have a feeling it’ll be a little bit dirty again.

ok then,

mrs. monday morning hughes.