ok, after spending literally a couple of hours reading the many, many comments on thecapitolfaxblog.com, i had to share a couple of them with you.

Phineas J. Whoopee – Friday, Dec 19, 08 @ 4:05 pm

These blowhard defense attorneys do nothing beneficial for their clients. Sam Adams can yell and posture all he wants-it doesn’t help-it hurts. The feds are going to come down very hard on their client and his family because of Blago’s tactics. I would anticipate his wife being indicted as well.

As Mr. Adams said, he doesn’t care whether he gets paid or not which means he is in it for the free press. When you know you have a dead bang loser you better get what you can before the bad ending.

Blago should have canned his combative attitude, apologized to the people of Illinois for making some mistakes, stepped aside with pay till the impeachment hearings concluded and start trying to get away with five years or so. His attorneys-just like Rezco’s-are not serving their clients best interests-they are serving their own.

There are going to be some major indictments handed down because of their abusive and confrontational demeanor.


VanillaMan – Friday, Dec 19, 08 @ 4:13 pm:

Rod Blagojevich demonstrated his years of experience today. He demonstrated to all Illinoians that his focus is on himself, where it has always been, since birth. He showed us that he doesn’t consider it his duty to handle the daily governing tasks, but to challenge and fight everyone who opposes him.

Even though he has been a state legislator, a US congressman and a governor, Rod Blagojevich considers himself a victim. Someone who is deliberately misunderstood by those around him. Rod Blagojevich believes that if he can tell voters his version of the truth, then voters will love him, support him, and together topple the injustices he crusades against.

In displaying these qualities, Mr. Blagojevich falls short of one of his political heroes – Richard Nixon. As Nixon faced impeachment proceeding in the legislature, after months of news articles exposed criminal acts within his administration, Mr. Nixon realized that for a moment, it was best for him to voluntarily resign his elected office.

Rod Blagojevich was 16 years old on that day in 1974 when his hero resigned. He must have choked up watching the bleary-eyed embattled leader break down vocally when recalling his “sainted mother”. The floppy-haired teen must have felt betrayed by Nixon when the Truth escaped and Richard Nixon swallowed twice and resigned.

And years later, when facing his Impeachment Committee moment, Rod Blagojevich couldn’t understand why Richard Nixon quit. He didn’t understand why the dead president would think first of the people he governed. He didn’t comprehend the maturity, intelligence or the sacrifice made that hot August day in 1974. All he could remember was his anger at His President, the betrayal of resignation forced upon Nixon, and how he, as a kid admirer, hated Nixon for putting people first.


and this is something funny i found in the comments on the sj-r website:

To the tune of ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’

Get packin’, Rod Blagojevich
The state’s in disarray
The Tribune wants you unemployed
At least by Christmas Day.
The TV pundits want your head
Could there be pay to play?
Oh, tidings of comfort and joy
Save Illinois!
Oh, tidings of comfort and joy.
Good riddance Rod Blagojevich
Your Elvis look’s inane,
The Senate’s mad, so’s Lisa’s dad.
You drive us all insane.
Our transit’s broke, the state’s a joke,
The Tollway’s one big pain.
Oh, tidings of comfort and joy
Save Illinois!
Oh, tidings of comfort and joy.
Good luck old Rod Blagojevich
The feds have quite a place.
Fitzgerald’s poked his nose around
And if he has a case,
George Ryan’s moving stuff around
Creating extra space.
Oh, tidings of comfort and joy
Save Illinois!
Oh, tidings of comfort and joy.