after walking all over the place on friday, saturday wasn’t so busy.  we went to brunch, and then it rained, so we stayed inside.  that was nice and relaxing.

on sunday, erin had to go into the city so we rode the subway with her, then went to times square to check out half-price tickets.  on the way we stopped for some glamour shots in front of Ripley’s believe it or not.

the tickets didn’t work out, but luckily we found the magnolia cafe again, home of scrumptious cupcakes.  mmm, chocolate cupcake.

we walked up 5th avenue and i had to take a picture of this outfit, because i kept thinking about how horrible i’d look in it, plus the fact that there would be no way to actually keep it attached to your body.  tape?

in another swanky window was this beautiful collection of emerald and diamond jewelry.  hmm, i’ve never had any emerald jewelry, and it IS my birthstone…and i’m sure this is very reasonably priced.

this picture is for kevin; we went to this astro diner every morning when we were in NYC after our first trip to Europe, in 2007.  we’d been on a bike trip along the danube, and we stayed at a hotel nearby, and i can’t believe i can actually remember this.

oh, and sunday was MOM’S HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and here she is at amy and jim’s, with sweet izzy.

meanwhile, back in NYC, we stopped at the burger joint in the Le Parker Meridian hotel on 57th street, and then went all the way down to the east village for some stand-up comedy.  the first comic was hysterically funny, i thought, and i didn’t understand why he went first, because the rest of them were rather anti-climactic.

but it was another fun and busy night, and lots and lots of walking.

ok then,

mrs. h.