we left orange beach, AL on saturday, march 11th.  as we drove away from the beach, we encountered a huge line of traffic headed towards the water.  spring breakers?  or maybe this is what it’s like all the time there in alabama?  hard to say, we were just happy to travel in the opposite direction.

we stopped at a rest area in mississippi, and it’s hands-down the fanciest rest stop i’ve ever seen.  it looked more like a large home, and inside it was very homey, with lots of easter decorations and a woman behind the counter giving out cups of coffee.

they do need to power-wash their sign, but still, really nice place to rest.

it was a relatively short drive to new orleans, but when we got into the city we were suddenly immersed in all this traffic.  i guess i’d pictured new orleans looking more…quaint?  i didn’t expect to see a bunch of high rises, like any city.

our b&b was actually across the river from new orleans proper, in Algiers, and when we pulled off the highway we went through a very suspect-looking neighborhood.  kevin said we were actually passing some gang members.  uh oh.

but then we turned down this street, and ta da!  lovely trees shading the roadway.

we stayed at the House of the Rising Sun B&B, and here’s our nice room.

Algiers Point is very old, by american standards anyway, with lots of cute houses on the quiet streets.  more than one doorway featured a sleeping cat.

we decided to stay in algiers point instead of venture across the river, and at the time we were there, there was only one restaurant in the area – a couple more were about to open, but because there was just the one, we didn’t have to make a decision about where to eat.  it’s called the Dry Dock Cafe, and it was delicious.  it’s right across the street from the ferry, and after dinner we strolled over to get a better look. here’s the view of the city.

we planned to take it easy as much as possible in new orleans, but that never seems to quite work out.

more later.

ok then,


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