bev and i headed to rockefeller center and procured two standby tickets to see seth meyer – ours were nos. 5 &6, so we had high hopes that we’d actually get in.

meanwhile, we had a whole lovely day to spend at the met.

well…not quite such a lovely day.  as i stopped to take a photo of this amazing door in front of rockefeller center, it started to rain a bit.  what a door, huh?

i’d hoped to get a shot without the cop and the chubby fellow in it, but they were involved in a long conversation. if i’d asked her i’m sure bev would have gone over and shooed them away, but there wasn’t time for such shenanigans.

so i got this, the crowning glory.

we’d decided to take the bus up to the museum so we could see out as we went, plus our legs weren’t very excited at the prospect of any more going down and up many stairs to the subway.

but as we walked it rained harder and harder, then started to come down in buckets.  i got out my new little travel umbrella, but bev said she was fine in her big teal raincoat.  but after a while she finally said she wanted to go inside somewhere, so we did that.

i felt bad that she’d gotten so wet, and on the rest of our walk i did my best to shield us both from the rain.

we made it safely to the met, and here’s yet another door, the portal to so many incredible sights…

i wanted to see the impressionists first because i always want to sit and look at them, the monets in particular.

here are some of my favorites of his.



i love them so much, and it makes me just want to go back.  meanwhile, i have the photos, plus years ago i bought some smallish reproductions that are hanging in our guestroom.

i took lots of other photos of other works of art, which you’ll see presently.

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ok then,

mrs. continuing to travel hughes.