my husband kevin has been posting pictures of doors on his blog, “Old Guy Walking” and then he links the posts through this website called, you guessed it, Thursday Doors.  I’m wrong, that’s not the name of the site, but it’s a link that a guy named Norm has set up on his site.  Norm sounds like a very interesting fellow, and people from all over the world post pictures of all kinds of doors on his thursday doors link!  very cool, and kevin keeps saying WHY DON’T YOU POST A DOOR?  so i finally found a post-worthy door.

here it is.  i found this when taking a walk on our first night on Mackinac Island, a fabulous, car-free place in Michigan.  I was by myself, which is why i’m able to post this instead of kevin beating me to it!


isn’t that lovely?  and why don’t i know the people who live inside, i could have gone in for a nightcap!

ok then,

mrs. thursday afternoon finally a door photo hughes.