as i’ve said, these little sandpipers are my favorite birds at my favorite place, the beach.

here’s a video.

but as i watched them i realized that one was hopping on one leg – somehow he’d lost a leg, poor little guy.  i bet it was fishing line.  you need to watch this full screen to see him; he’s the one second from the left.


on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 8th we stopped at a little coffee shop for some libation and a delicious little apple pie.  this place was in one of the endless strip malls lining the main road, but it was nicely decorated and locally-owned, a nice break from a chain like starbucks.

when had left the hotel, an old guy was swimming back and forth in the pool wearing a strange snorkel.

an hour later, he was still there.  diligent.

we saw a lot of these parasails; i think this one had a weight attached to it, just out there to drum up business.  we didn’t try it, even though it looked fun.

for dinner we tried a place with a good view of the bay.  the food wasn’t bad, but nothing to write home about.

and just to show you how exciting and crazy we are on vacation, here’s a photo of kevin at wal mart, where we stopped after dinner. yes, we know how to party.

speaking of partying, the next morning kevin tried the pancake machine.  i’ve never seen one like this, and yes, i wish i had one at home.  although it would take up too much counter space.  and i never eat pancakes.


the breakfast room wasn’t so big, the TVs were on, and the place was pretty full.  we opted to take our meal out to the pool, because it was warm and sunny, and why isn’t the place full of others doing the same thing?

maybe the walk was too far?  it wasn’t far.  maybe they wanted to go back for seconds.  it was a lovely al fresco meal.

another walk, and more birds.  i like this because most of them seem to be cleaning.

i assumed this was the same heron we’d seen earlier.  but there might be more than one.

lots of parasailing competition for business.  maybe next time…

ok then,

mrs. friday morning hughes.