what a day it was!  this was wednesday, sept. 21st, our first full day on mackinac, and it was definitely, definitely supposed to rain. since i’d left my new raincoat in the car, i wasn’t too pleased with the prospect of rain.

but it’s just like here in springfield when it says that there’s a 100% chance of rain, but then it doesn’t.

the morning did start out a bit chilly and dark, and maybe there were a few sprinkles before we started out in the morning, but it was all good.  we sat on the deck at the Windermere Hotel, drinking our respective beverages and enjoying the view.  greyhounds sure are a lot bigger than the italian variety!  plus they appear to be much less wired.


this is one of the taxi carriages, i believe.  they frequently turned around here at our hotel.


this lighthouse is on a separate little island, and what’s up with that?  well, here you can read all about it…it’s on a tiny, uninhabited island called round island, and it was restored in 1978 for the filming of “somewhere in time!”  and i just read on this website that richard stares out at this lighthouse from windermere park, which is of course that park belonging to our hotel!


a splendid tree at the water’s edge of the park.


i wonder if lots of people hang out here at our park in the summer?  there’s a nice little place there on the left that sells hot dogs and stuff, but it was already closed for the season.  and incidentally, that big hotel on the right is right on the water’s edge, and is quite a bit pricier than our lovely hotel.


we walked down main street, filled with many shops, and at the end was the park, with the fort up there on the left.


we stopped to look at a few fancy boats at the marina.


i wouldn’t necessarily want to stay at this hotel because it’s smack dab in the middle of town, but i really really wanted to get in that huge hot tub.  i read that it used to be a very small pool, but as a hot tub i bet it’s great.


there’s the fort in the background.  our goal was to walk up there this morning.


i loved these little flowers that remind me of balloon flowers.


we walked up quite a few steps, and were rewarded with this view.


there are a bunch of historic old houses on this east bluff, and here’s a magnificent one.


we took a little path off the street and i loved this little sign, because it calls the town a city.   it reminds me of a fairy tale; i expected to see little red riding hood tripping down the path.


we walked to the historic fort and were going to tour around the grounds because kevin said that was one thing he really wanted to do.  but it would have taken a couple of hours, and been mostly inside, and we decided to do that the next day, instead, because the chances of rain were greater then.

we hiked down a wooded path to the Arch Rock, which was quite photographable.  we got to the viewing area in between times when big tour buggy packed with tourists were pulling up to take pictures.


lovely.  we decided that we’d next rent bikes for a couple hours so we could bike around the perimeter of the island, and here’s the road we’d take.


more interesting flowers, but we don’t know what they were called.


one of the tour buggies.  you could take pricey narrated tours visiting the highlights of the island, but we of course, were happy to get around on our own.


and luckily we walked down these stairs instead of up!  we walked back to the road and ambled back to our hotel.


it was a very busy day, and this was just the first part of it.

ok then,

mrs. wishing i had reservations already for next year hughes.