this has been an odd day.  it started out warm, got up to about 64 I think, and i was able to go running in a long-sleeved t-shirt.  but the temperature is dramatically dropping and we might have freezing rain and it’s going to get down to 18 tonight! and then more bitter cold, but at least we had a nice little break.

and i’m taking a break today from posting photos of our charming chester.

at the beginning of december i took a short trip to denver to visit my friend christine.  because we’re both phone-averse, and terrible about keeping in touch, long stretches of time will go by without us communicating.  but i finally made it out to visit her in her lovely new house with her sweet and darling doggies.

when i was there i took lots of photos because i was secretly going to make her a custom calendar.  she knew that i was taking some of the photos, but i was able to sneak around and take some when she was otherwise occupied.

here are Douja and Kita, before we decorated the tree.  Kita, on the right, was her first dog and she had cancer, i can’t tell you what kind it was exactly, but i know she had something removed from around her nose.  she was in very bad shape and christine had to take her to a medical school that was maybe an hour or more away for chemotherapy treatments.  this went on for a very long time, but so far kita is doing very well. yay! a happy story about a pet!

douja had that name when christine got her, and later she was aghast to discover that douja means pot.  she decided to keep the name because she felt that that’s what douja knew, but when she’s at the dog park and calls them, i think she just says, “here, girls!”  this amuses me.

i packed extremely light for me, mostly just black leggings.  they were completely covered in dog hair fairly quickly.  such sweeties.

christine has a friend with two dogs, and they came over one night for a sleepover.  i decided to try to get a picture of them all in front of the tree, and of course that was never going to be a perfectly posed shot, but i love this one because nobody is paying any attention to me whatsoever except Douja, who looks like she’s grinning at me. haha! she says.  i’m the good dog!

i also love his photo because the husky named…monty, i think…seems to be thinking “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?”

christine had many cute decorations, and she’s painted her fireplace silver which is totally cool.

while i was gone kevin took this picture of chester, always hoping that somebody would feed him.  he was still feeling fine as far as we knew, on december 9th.

some of christine’s art – when we lived in LA, she went to rome for a while to study art, and she still paints.  very impressive, this artistic side of her, because in her day job she does stuff that i can’t even exactly describe.  she builds websites or something like that for huge, huge global companies.  i mean, she writes computer code and mysterious things like that. and she taught herself!   she’s incredibly brilliant with that side of her brain, the part that on me is just barely functioning, but she’s so well-rounded because of all the artistic stuff, too.

this is a very old tiny apron that belonged to her grandmother, i believe.  he middle name was La Verne, as is christine’s mom and christine’s.

another fabulous painting.  that’s the other good dog who was at the house for a play date.

that’s all the christine and dogs photos for now, more to follow.

ok then,