Swan float

Swan Float excitement

by grace on September 10, 2020

As I mentioned here just yesterday, Kevin bought me a fabulous giant swan float to tow behind the boat. It wasn’t a birthday present, just an awesome gift from a terrific guy.

Even though we’ve had this boat for two years now we hadn’t tried towing anything behind it – the motor on our old pontoon boat wasn’t enough to pull anybody.

So this swan float was the perfect thing, and our friend Glenn joined us. He took the first turn, and even though he’s 6′ 5″ he fit nicely into the swan. except for his very long legs sticking out the front.

Here’s a tiny video which I love because all you can see are his big feet flopping in front of him.

Then it was my turn and i didn’t have to worry about my legs sticking out.

Glenn took this longer video of me and i think it’s funny that in the photo below, mom is looking down at her phone. Her job was to be the lookout because you always need a lookout in case the person you’re towing falls out or is in trouble in any way. mom was being just a big derelict in her duties but luckily Kevin kept a sharp eye out, because he’s Kevin and always doing so.

After Glenn had his turn, he then rotated in the float so he could face backwards and he encouraged me to try it, too. Here’s me after managing to squirm into position.

But the minute the boat starting moving the swan filled up with water! so that was a failure. But that’s OK, it was totally fun facing fowards. Glenn, though, always wants to see how many different things he can try. Mom didn’t go for a spin but claimed that she’d try it next time. Kevin couldn’t try because his insulin pump would get wet.

We haven’t been out again but hopefully will make time to do it before the weather turns cold.

ok then,

mrs. september hughes.


still july…

by grace on September 9, 2020

still kitties…here’s sweetie, the happiest kitty ever who gets to spend quality time in the fenced yard.

Riley loves it too, but he doesn’t have the exuberance of sweetie, who was finding that cement block to be the most comfortable spot to curl up on.

can you see the heron way down there on the dock at the left?

Now that Riley gets to go on supervised walks in the big open yard he can be quite insane about getting out there. If i’m sitting out on the deck he’ll meow pitifully and scrap his paws on the door, begging incessantly to be free.

And as you can see, there’s so much cool stuff for him to explore.

Ok, Ive seen this funny little vehicle buzzing around the lake for years now, but this is the best photo i’ve managed to capture. this was still july, but a couple of days ago it was right in front of me and it looked so very tiny to be out on the road. I just spent three minutes doing a google news search of it, but i came up with nothing. i think it must belong to lincoln land or UIS.

and…ta da! Kevin bought me this giant swan float to pull in back of the boat. what an awesome gift!

We’ve only been out on it once this year but it was really fun. photos plus video to follow soon…

ok then,

mrs. september hughes.