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still july…

by grace on September 9, 2020

still kitties…here’s sweetie, the happiest kitty ever who gets to spend quality time in the fenced yard.

Riley loves it too, but he doesn’t have the exuberance of sweetie, who was finding that cement block to be the most comfortable spot to curl up on.

can you see the heron way down there on the dock at the left?

Now that Riley gets to go on supervised walks in the big open yard he can be quite insane about getting out there. If i’m sitting out on the deck he’ll meow pitifully and scrap his paws on the door, begging incessantly to be free.

And as you can see, there’s so much cool stuff for him to explore.

Ok, Ive seen this funny little vehicle buzzing around the lake for years now, but this is the best photo i’ve managed to capture. this was still july, but a couple of days ago it was right in front of me and it looked so very tiny to be out on the road. I just spent three minutes doing a google news search of it, but i came up with nothing. i think it must belong to lincoln land or UIS.

and…ta da! Kevin bought me this giant swan float to pull in back of the boat. what an awesome gift!

We’ve only been out on it once this year but it was really fun. photos plus video to follow soon…

ok then,

mrs. september hughes.



by grace on December 8, 2019

I feel i’ve been woefully lacking in my posting of les paul photos, so here are some from the beginning of November.

we were having a lovely walk…and then Les decided to climb right up the oak tree that’s leaning way over in the lake.

he didn’t stay up there long, though, turning around when i called him.

it was funny to watch him because he kind of slunk down the tree, bending way down in order to keep his balance.

later i went running and saw this crazy vehicle. i think i saw it a year ago while running but it was too far away to get a good picture. but what is it? who does it belong to? kevin has also spotted it.

ok then,

mrs. counting down the days til xmas hughes.