After racing through the Met I wanted to walk through Central Park for a bit. I knew Mom wouldn’t be up for much of it but at least we got to walk for a while. Many festive horse and carriages were trotting around; I think maybe they were $7/minute? Maybe that’s how much the bicycle-powered cabs were. Fun to watch, anyway.

Since many buses were heading down 5th Avenue, we climbed aboard and rode to the end of the park. We stopped to take photos in front of The Plaza and Dior, but I’d really wanted to stop and look at many department store Christmas displays. We were right in front of Bergdorf Goodman and the display was really something.

Although I’ve walked past the swanky stores many times I’d never gone into one until Randy and I went into Saks last January. Mom and I stepped into Bergdorf’s and it was overflowing with shimmering luxury stuff. I think the first floor was all purses.

I asked a saleswoman about the Bergdorf’s across the street and she said that was the Men’s store. She then said that their Christmas department was on the seventh floor so we took the escalators all the way up.

As we got off the escalator on each floor they were all filled with so many fancy things – the second floor was shoes and I looked at a table full of ones that were from $1,200-$2,000. Obviously there are plenty of people who spend that kind of money on stuff, because there was just so much of it. It’s a little bit mind-boggling.

We finally arrived at the Christmas department which was stocked with a treasure trove of festive finery. Santa Claus was there, and I asked him if he was the real, actual Santa, because he sure looked like him.

I can’t remember if he confirmed or denied it; maybe he just said “ho ho ho.” He presented me with a candy cane and the funny thing is that you’d think a candy cane from Bergdorf’s would at least be nice, if not swanky in some way, but it looked like what I imagine a candy cane from Big Lots would look. Funny.

Mom wanted to take the elevator down so we walked through the store to the back and saw even more sections of incredible things. We could have easily spent an hour to two perusing but no time, plus Mom doesn’t care much for any kind of shopping anywhere.

We got on the bus again and continued down 5th Avenue. At least I got to see the Christmas display at Saks from the bus, as well as the Rockefeller tree. The crowds were, as expected, so very crowded, but i hoped that we might have time to stop by after the show.

It was nice to not have to think about going to the TKTS booth because the tickets to “Some Like it Hot” had been on my phone for a very long time. We got back to the hotel and then took a quick subway ride across town to Sardi’s, where we met our friend Becky for a cocktail.

In my case, a seltzer with lime. So you see the snazzy white purse there on the counter? That’s my new fabulous Harry Potter letter bag. It looks just like an envelope and on the back are the exact words addressed to Harry when he got his so very important Hogwarts letter. Who needs obscenely expensive purses from Bergdorf’s when you can have something so grand? It was very nice to visit with Becky and afterwards Mom and I walked right across the street to the show.

Here were are waiting for it to start.

This man came in and sat down in front to me. I was none to happy about it because he was much too tall.

The performance finally began and I was so happy but at the same time irritated because it was impossible to get a good view. But the show was just so good and I’m so glad I got to see it again.

At intermission I had the bright idea to fold up my coat and sit on it and suddenly I had a much better view. I bet the person in back of me wasn’t too happy with that. The show was just so great and i still can’t believe it’s now gone.

Afterwards we went to the side entrance and waited around. Cast members trickled out and signed programs but I didn’t care about getting a signature. And then J. Harrison Ghee appeared and I got this picture! They actually took it because they haves very long arms. Ghee won the Tony for Best Actor in a Musical, the first non-binary actor to win, and I know will go on to many other amazing things, but I’m still sad that the show has closed.

I was delighted that Mom also loved it and i was just so happy. We wandered down the street and found an Italian place for dinner.

I’d intended to get a cab back to the hotel but the streets were still so crazy-filled with cars so we took the subway one last time. I’d been worried about wearing my beautiful new purse on the subway but when you’re on the subway you realize that most people on the subway are just people trying to get someplace, they’re not going to snatch your lovely new white purse.

We were too tired to go back to Rockefeller Center to see the tree and more department store windows, but that’s OK. We did plenty.

The next morning we took our time checking out and went right to the airport, where we enjoyed delicious burgers and shakes from the Shake Shack.

A good time was had by all.

Ok then,

Mrs. H.