Of december, that is. our last day in NYC. we took the subway to the South Street Seaport TKTS booth and decided to see the show “Slava’s Snowshow,” even though we didn’t know anything about it. a guy at the booth had described it to us, saying it was fun and incredible.

There used to be a shopping mall at the seaport, but when bev and i went all the way down there, a few years ago it was gone. but they’ve already built another one, but so far it only has a restaurant and a bank in it . but a guy gave me a tip about how it has a top-notch bathroom, so i hurried over.

the view from the dock.

Brooklyn in the background.

The guy had been right; not only was it a great, enormous public bathroom, but since the building was almost empty, i had the place to myself. i should have stopped to take a picture.

but i hurried back across the street where mom was patiently waiting.

i love this picture!

From there we made our way back to the Whitney Museum, where we’d tried to go on our first day but it was closed. Photos to follow, but not a zillion photos!

ok then,