We’d gone on an eight-mile hike on Tuesday, had a nice evening…but when i woke up on Wednesday morning, sept. 18th, something was terribly wrong.

I was lying on my side and felt dizzy and weird. when i rolled over to my back, still dizzy, still weird.

I was lying there thinking “what’s going on? Am I drunk???”

Of course i wasn’t drunk; i’d had one glass of wine the night before…

but I wasn’t right. I staggered downstairs and ate some oatmeal and continued to feel awful. dizzy, kind of felt like i had the flu, but worse. I looked up my symptoms and it seemed i might have vertigo. A couple of potential causes of vertigo can be dehydration and altitude.

I realized I probably didn’t drink enough water while hiking on Tuesday. We weren’t climbing and it wasn’t hot out, and i saw that i hadn’t drunk much of the water from my pack the day before.


Kevin said, it’s ok, we can just relax today. we ended up going to the store to get something for dinner, and then for some reason we went to another store in the next town over, maybe 10 minutes away.

but in that second store i started to feel really, really bad and said that i had to go home and sit down right away.

when we got back i looked up vertigo again and there was a little video showing how you can do a test to see if you have some specific, common kind of vertigo. it involved lying on my back at an angle and tilting my head from side to side. kevin watched the video, and then we did the test, and determined that i didn’t have that kind of vertigo…but in doing the stuff, the vertigo went away!

whew. I felt better after that, but tired, and it’s good we were in Glacier for plenty of days so having to do nothing one day wasn’t the end of the world.

you know i had to have been feeling really bad because i didn’t even take one single photo all day!

ok then,

mrs. g.h.