This was our last day on the West side of Glacier. As we drove down our street, there was the white bunny to greet us.

We decided to try the Johns Lake Trail. I really wanted to go on the boat ride from McDonald Lodge in the afternoon, and we’d bought online tickets for the 3:00 trip.

We saw a deer almost immediately when we got on the trail. It looked bigger and sturdier than the deer around here.

we were in the dark wood for a while. I love dark woods. Because this isn’t such a popular trail we had it mostly to ourselves.

we couldn’t continue on the loop because they were re-building the bridge, so we took a detour down the path to see this waterfall.

At this point we were on a horse path and it was very, very muddy.

This is one of my favorite photos from our trip, i love this split-open rock.

We met the deer again, and he continue to ignore us.

We took this bridge across McDonald Creek.

We hiked on the other side of the road along the rushing creek, and it was quite beautiful. we stopped for lunch on a handy log bench.

This shows most of the creek, but the video is even better.

See kevin’s gloves there on the left? i thought it clever that he stored them like that.

McDonald Creek feeds into Lake McDonald, which we’d soon be boating on.

We hiked about three and a half miles, a nice amount.

ok then,

Mrs. H.