Sunday morning, September 15th, we headed back to the west side of the park. My plan had been to take the Going-to-the-Sun road back across, stopping at Logan Pass to go on one of the must-see hikes, and maybe stop a few other places.

but on saturday night Kevin asked, “are we going to have to go back on that evil road?” so i changed plan, and instead we took the much more straightforward route 2 back to the west side of the park.

here’s the road heading south on the east side of the park. pretty!

Even though Route 2 didn’t have all the breathtaking stops, there were still some good ones. Here’s a spot called Goat Lick; in the spring, goats scrabble around on what appears to be a sheer rock face. the goats weren’t around when we stopped, but we did find a fantastic photo of them later on our trip.

the railroad bridge – we’d been on that bridge just a few days earlier.

Here’s a video of the cute air b&b we stayed in Hungry Horse, MT.

We got there in the early afternoon and it was filled with so many cool things. this is one of my favorites.

The owner left us a bottle of wine and a basket of huckleberry candies and tea and stuff. huckleberries are the thing to get in Montana; there were a couple of huckleberry shops there in Hungry Horse. we never made it to one of them.

instead of hiking, on Sunday afternoon we walked to the grocery store. we saw this cute white bunny, and saw four of them gathered in a driveway another day. sure, we have lots of bunnies in our yard, but i don’t think i’ve seen a white one around here. it’s like a reverse-tuxedo bunny.

Here’s the street that intersected with ours; the river was right on the other side but we couldn’t find any public place to access it. didn’t matter.

When we got to the store kevin asked me if there was a grill at our place and i couldn’t remember even though in retrospect i know i saw it. instead we got a delicious chicken pot pie for dinner, and afterwards, kevin lit a glorious fire.

it was such a lovely evening!

we grilled marshmallows and had some stupendous s’mores.

ok then,

mrs. october hughes.