On Tuesday, Sept. 17th we decided to hike along the shore of Lake McDonald. It’s a total of seven miles one way so we decided we’d hike as far as we felt like.

we didn’t leave our place til midday, though, because i suddenly got worried about our small data package and how we might have been going over our data limit so i called verizon and ended up getting kevin a new iphone. it seemed like i was on the phone with the verizon woman pretty much forever, but i did get it all sorted out.

and then we were off! the weather was pretty nice again, not as warm as monday, but still good.

Here’s the path leading from the Fish Creek Campground. We’d parked up a hill above the campground because on the map it looked like if we walked down the road to the campground, we could hike and then loop back and end up at the car.

I shot a little video footage of the campground, which was really nice. I bet all the campgrounds in Glacier are great, which is why they get completely sold out, like the lodges. a very popular place.

We could see on the map that there was a place not too far called Rocky Point and we didn’t see it, but then were standing out on this spot getting somebody to take our photo and we realized that this was rocky point. i think the sign had blown over.

It was right about there that we met a couple who had just arrived at the park and had never been there and they wanted to stick by us because because i think they were really worried about bears.

they didn’t want to keep hiking as long as we did, thank goodness. it’s one thing, chatting with other hikers, but i don’t want to hike along with them!

This was a very flat hike, going through lots of burned trees from that same Robert Fire from 2003. our elevation gain was only 869 feet, but we did hike almost eight miles.

Reading on peoples’ posting of the trail, which isn’t used that much, is that it’s very hot in the summer. so we’re lucky we didn’t go then.

This is where we stopped to eat lunch and it started to drizzle on us.

I was videotaping and looked up to see this bird, then realized it was a bald eagle. pretty cool!

I thought this was interesting, all the tree trunks leaning over in different ways.

Here’s a video of our hike.

Another great day, about four hours of hiking.

ok then,