when i was finished walking around the museum, wanda asked me, “did you take a picture of everything, grace?”  no, not everything, but quite a bit.  and i’ve managed to whittle my photos down somewhat, but there were just so many interesting things to see…

i’d like to have this painting on my living room wall.  i’d even take down a photograph or two to make room!




i was fascinated by the description of this work, made of dollar bills – the fact that defacing currency for artistic purposes is illegal here, yet this artist’s stuff is collected by the library of congress!




great photo.




i’m amazed that these famous portraits of marilyn monroe, supposedly the most famous of her, are here at the museum.

well, now i just read that ben stren took more than 2,500 pictures of her, so i guess these aren’t quite as rare…but still. here’s a sad excerpt from wikipedia:

Bert Stern first published The Last Sitting in 1982. The book included a large number of the over 2,500 images that Stern had shot, including contact sheets with images Monroe had disliked and crossed out. In the book, Stern recounted being enchanted by Monroe until a near-intimate encounter after the second day of shooting; he then realized that she was deeply troubled.

m190 m191 m192 m193

chihuly in the ceiling.  you know, i think all the chihuly glass in the bellagio hotel in las vegas looks better, because the ones here are behind the glass ceiling.  at the bellagio, there’s nothing blocking the art.  i also just read that there’s a big chihuly garden


i wasn’t in love with the paintings of this fellow, but i did like the fact that he was a retired captain in the navy, and he moved to key west.  once again, something to inspire me to start painting, hopefully before i’m too old and my arms fall off or something.



this one doesn’t look like much, but it’s a very cool thing, a multimedia piece – the guy in the painting on the outside is looking at a video of himself, over and over again and it does really cool stuff and i could have sat there and watched it for a very long time, but i sensed that mom and wanda wanted to keep moving.

dang, i shoulda videotaped it – i just looked it up on youtube, but there’s also some tarot card reader named gregory scott who is a huge youtube sensation.  i couldn’t find this work, but here’s a clip that somebody shot of another one of his pieces, which will give you an idea of how he works.  so cool!

this is the photo of the one i saw.



this isn’t such a great picture of this picture, but this is mostly to show kevin a place in the inner hebrides in scotland, where i think we should go sometime.




down below in an atrium, people were having some kind of fancy lunch.  hmm, i wonder if any of these people had works exhitited there at the museum?  highly likely.


there were supposed to be some miniatures in the adjacent building, which was the symphony hall, but i could only find this one.  at this point i was getting hungry and tired, so we sought out some lunch.



we sat outside and had sandwiches in the museum courtyard, as workers cleared away the fancy luncheon’s remains.

after lunch, one final trip to the beach, and that’s that!

ok then,

mrs. only one more florida posting left hughes.