next time i’d like to go for a week.  I wish we could find a condo on the beach that allowed cats so we could stay for a month, but on the other hand, would we really want to traumatize our kitties with such a very long car ride?  kevin and I were aggravated being in the car for so long, and I imagine the kitties would complain bitterly.

I spent some time out on the sand taking pictures of the birds.







at this point some of them were getting sleepy, and starting to nap.

these two got very close, hoping for some food.


this bird still hoped for food as the others napped.


finally, almost everybody was asleep.

in the afternoon we rode our bikes in the opposite direction from the way we’d gone the day before, this time to deer lake state park.  it was much smaller than graystone, and we only hiked a bit on the sand.  there was a longer hiking trail across the road that didn’t appeal to us.

off in the distance there were many condos, and walkways snaked all over the place out to the beach.  at one point we saw a golf cart headed out to the ocean.


interesting dune.

there were few people out on the beach, and we didn’t linger – it was getting mighty hot out there.

we biked the short distance back to our condo, remarking at how there weren’t any tourist shops or much of anything along the road at that point.  it’s such a different place than gulf shores, Alabama, where there were t-shirt shops every couple feet, plus many restaurants and all kinds of things.  the one souvenir shop we spotted on our way back to the condo was closed.  oh well, we don’t really need one more souvenir in our house.

when we got back to the condo we were kind of hot and tired, and kevin took a nap.  I was going to sit on the beach (for a change), but decided that I should run.  I love to run on the beach, and this was probably my last chance.

I started off and it was mighty warm, and I kept looking at my fitbit – according to it, my heart rate started getting much too high, and when it reached 180 I slowed down.

even since i’d been sick, whenever I ran or even walked my heart rate skyrocketed.  either the fitbit was broken or my heart was.  whichever it was, it seems to be ok now.

we had a quiet evening that night, spending a bit of time getting ready to leave the next morning.