I feel like we left the beach area in Gulfport after lunching and having an afternoon cocktail, but not sure what we did.

we came back to the beach to see the sunset. Here’s the famous Don Cesar Hotel in the distance, over on St. Petersburg Beach.

we had to look over to the west to see the sunset and we sat on a wall there at the Gulfport Beach Recreation area.

Others were also watching from the wall but there were also people out walking their dogs. here are three of them.

Selfie sunset! I’m managing to not post the many many other photos of the sunset.

back at home…kevin sent me this photo of the fogginess that evening.

After the sun set we strolled back Shore Blvd to the delicious Neptune Grill restaurant. we ordered a smorgasbord of appetizers starting with flaming greek cheese, Saganaki. Opa! i looked up the word “Opa,” and according to wikipedia, it’s a greek emotion expressing surprise. I also read that they first started flaming the cheese in a chicago greek restaurant.

it doesn’t matter because i love saganaki and the only time i usually get it is at the Ethnic Village at the state fair.

So many delicious appetizers, including really good hummus. i used to make hummus but quit because you can get it in so many varieties at the store. but homemade hummus can be really delicious, so maybe i’ll have to make that again soon. we also got stuffed grape leaves because mom wanted to, but i’m never a big fan. these were all right but no need to order them again.

and that’s it for our first lovely day in the warm weather and blue skies of florida.

ok then,