We didn’t have to check out of our Air B&B until noon so i was able to go for one more great run. This time i spotted just one lone Ibis strolling around somebody’s yard.

I saw so many of these bushes with either no leaves or just a couple of them in so many places. i wonder what they could be? Actually, the vast majority had no leaves at all so this one was the exception.

I love this pelican mailbox! i want one!

Although we do have one that’s fabulously custom-painted by Amy and Mom. Maybe we need a second mailbox? how about one down at the water? I’m pretty sure i saw somebody not far from here with some kind of cute mailbox at the shore. More pelicans!

This morning I ran a little longer and got to see this different part of the water.

And these cute heron decorative shutters.

I ran by this house three times in three days and finally had to stop and take a photo. obviously they have some kind of limo service because the big white limo was always parked in the driveway plus they have a lovely screened-area for their pool. and i think solar panels? The only problem is that it’s not secluded at all.

The front of our cute house, which is much nicer on the inside. I loved this big healthy yucca.

After my run i once again jumped in the pool which was awesome.

We packed up all our stuff and headed out by noon, planning to make a couple stops before going to our next ari b&b in Tampa….

ok then,