…and it was a very full day, indeed. i’ve broken it up into two parts so you won’t be burdened with trying to read/watch all of it at once.

the day started out with a pretty good run.

because i’d gotten to sleep pretty late the night before i didn’t start my jog until about 10:00, so it was pretty warm. i wasn’t sure where to go, so i ran on the sidewalk along a pretty big street. not much shade. but still, it was great to run outside in shorts.

kevin sent me this picture that morning.

mom and i finally made it out the door and the five-minute drive to gulfport beach. there was plenty of parking on the street running along the beach.

Here’s the video of the beach.

Some seniors were doing karaoke at a beach shelter. A woman was singing a Pasty Cline song and she was fantastic, but i didn’t start recording in time. here she is singing another song.

A guy started singing a really sad song, and i managed to capture a bit of it.

we strolled up the main street, Beach Blvd, where there were many shops and restaurants. We had a fantastic lunch outside on the patio at a cute coffee place called GulfPerk coffee bar. I had a fancy avocado toast and i think mom had chicken salad.

i don’t usually take a picture of a bathroom wall but just look at these fun old photos. i guess this was wallpaper? so cool, all the vintage florida scenes.

here’s anothe angle – you can see the women skiiers holding up “Cypress Gardens” banners. we saw that show when i was maybe eight or ten years old.

we walked out onto the pier and it was odd to see these two boats which had partially capsized.

i also shot a little video of them.

such a lovely first afternoon.

as we strolled back along the beach we decided to stop in for a couple of happy hour margaritas.

and that’s it for the first part of our day.

on this trip, as always, i gave myself a stern lecture about not taking so many photos. and as always i failed miserably. but i’m going to do my best to winnow them down this time. so we’ll see how that goes.

ok then,

mrs. h.