Real-time life update: Yesterday it got up to 71 degrees and kevin and i took a little walk through the fields which which had lots of standing water. it was great to get outside.

After that i decided i needed to transplant a few tulips which had somehow come up in the front. i though i’d transplanted them all last year but these were extras. I managed to dig up about eight or ten and then managed to plant them in the fenced yard, but that was way too much exercise for yesterday. hopefully at least a couple of them will survive.

This morning it’s not as warm and crazy-windy outside but the sun is shining, which is great. Kevin brought Lovey into the screened porch and I hope this is the start of her new life with us inside.

But back to Florida – this was our last full day there and of course my Number One desire was to go to the beach.

First, this black goose was swimming around in the river when i got up in the morning.

I went for a good run and in the background maybe you can see the river behind this yard.

I love that festive metalwork above that door and haven’t seen anything like it before.

yay, another warm-weather run completed!

We got to Pass-A-Grille by 2:00 and didn’t find any parking along the beach, so we ended up on the gulf side. The only hitch is that I had to download the parking app and then add money to it on the app. It took a while to do it and then of course i had to worry that maybe it didn’t really work; there was nothing to indicate that the meter was running. So i asked a woman walking by and she thought we’d be fine.

We took the 5-minute walk over to the beach and it was fun to walk past the cute little houses on the block.

A nice guy threw in a free umbrella with our lounge-chair rental because he didn’t think we’d be there long. It was a very windy day but of course we were going to be there for the duration. Last day at the beach!

I got mom to take a walk with me, and here’s a view back to our spot on the beach and the outdoor cafe Paradise Grille behind it.

Ok, we saw this guy doing something like windsurfing but that’s not what it was. In windsurfing the sail is attached to the board, and this guy was holding onto a rope which was attached to the sail.

It’s also not called parasailing or paragliding. I spent at least an entire minute just now looking it up on wikipedia but I couldn’t find what it’s called. Here you can sort of see the guy way out there.

This guy is not really windsurfing either, as best as i can tell, because he’s holding the sail up above him. that has to be really difficult especially because it was so very windy that day.

yay for mom for walking! that’s the Don Cesar way down the empty beach.

My favorite beach bird scurrying all around and about.

I thought it funny that these gulls were able to sleep in the surf.

I have more photos from that day, but that’s enough for now, i don’t want you to get overwhelmed by all the photos…

ok then,

mrs. hughes, staying at home.