instead of culling and deleting and not posting all the photos from our trip to Florida, here’s a bunch from my second run, on Tuesday Feb.18th, 2020.

Because i’d run (slowly jogged) down such a main thoroughfare on monday, i decided there had to be a better route. i tried jogging up one of the little streets and came across this house with so many vehicles parked in front.

Ok, so i am actually culling because there were even more cars over there on the right, but this gives you the idea. plus kevin always loves a picture of a VW van since he used to own one (maybe he owned more than one? he’s had many, many, many cars over the years).

i ran south and over some water! way off in the distance is the Don Cesar hotel. so this is the same bay where we’d watched the sunset on monday night, except this is kind of far away from there.

this front yard is a bunch of sand with lots of sticks sticking out. i thought it was pretty cool, and also environmentally-friendly as opposed to having a big lawn that had to be watered.

right next door was this house with all these sculptures…here a dragon and a giant spider…

…and part of a pirate ship, complete with pirate, on the other side of the driveway.

those two houses were quite distinct from the other houses in the neighborhood. i wonder if they’re friends? relatives?

a big blooming cactus as well as an orange tree!

i took this quick video running back over the little bridge. i had had a discussion earlier with kevin who didn’t want to do any face-timing, so that’s why i’m saying that in the video. this gives you a good idea of just how lovely it was there.

Not a fast run, but then again it almost never is, but of course i also kept stopping to take pictures.

after that i jumped into our pool, which was fantastic! it would have been fun to stay at that house the whole time were were in florida, but it’s all good.

ok then,

mrs. really trying to cut back on the pictures hughes.