unless you’re staying up later than me (highly likely), or you’re in another time zone and therefore definitely staying up later than me…unless it’s a later time zone…by now when you are reading this it will be september 16th, the THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of kevin and me.  me and kevin.  us, married.  three years.

so, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KEVIN!  it seems amazing that three years have already gone by.  i’m glad that i don’t have to make a wedding cake for tomorrow…

but i didn’t decorate the cake the day before the wedding, i did it two days before.  what did i do the day before the wedding?  rehearsal dinner, but there must have been other things than that.  things that made me tired.

this year, i’ll be much better rested.

we’re going to a cardinals game tomorrow.

plus we’ve been married for THREE YEARS!

kevin has finally started writing on his website blog again, so if you want to read what he’s written, please click over there on the right.  i know he wrote about his friend wayne selling a motorcycle, and there are pictures of the fancy shiny bike on the website.  plus he wrote about cars and other guy kind of things.  not that women don’t enjoy cars, but mostly, it’s a guy thing. not to say that there aren’t plenty of women who are into cars and motorcycles.  but seriously, a guy thing.

i’m overly tired now, so i must sleep.

ok then,

almost three years! grace.