whenever i think of happy anniversary, i think of that flintstone episode.  all i remember about it is that catchy song, you know the one.

TODAY is our 4th anniversary!

it wasn’t yesterday.

last week i got it into my head that wednesday was the 16th, our anniversary.  i was going to help bev with garage sale-type things after she got off work on wednesday, but then i called to tell her that wouldn’t work because it was our anniversary.  i have no idea where i got this idea.  clearly not from a calendar.

yesterday morning i sat down here, about to title this HAPPY ANNIVERSARY…but then i noticed that tuesday’s post said it was sept. 14th.  hmm, why was that?  tuesday clearly was the 15th…so i went into tools and tried to change it.  and THEN i finally looked at a calendar.


four years ago today, i was much more tired than i am right now.  i definitely wasn’t sitting around in my nightgown.  i think we might have been transporting the GIANT WEDDING CAKE over to the motor boat club.  the funny ride where we got pulled over by a cop on the highway because kevin was driving TOO SLOWLY.  of course, in my mind he was driving MUCH TOO FAST.

i don’t have to get my hair done today.  whew about that.  amy did my hair the very last, after she’d done the flower girl’s hair and her two sisters’ hair and some other random hair.  we were supposed to get the photos taken at three, and it was a quarter to three when she started.  we both figured it wouldn’t take any time because when she’d practiced it, it took five minutes or less.

but at a quarter to three, she put it up.  and then took it back down.  and then put it up.  and then back down.  she was going for PERFECTION, and perfection wasn’t happening.

things were very quietly tense. i knew that if i said anything, ANYTHING, that would make her more tense.  so we were silently tense.

things aren’t tense at all today, and i see no reason for them to be.

i’m posting this video now, of kevin wind surfing.  when i watched it on youtube, though, it kept stopping.  i’m sure this is because i shot it in HD and therefore had to edit it in HD and my computer isn’t powerful enough to handle that and the editing was incredibly frustrating because the video kept jumping around a lot and shutting the editing program down.  that is the only thing i’ll ever shoot in HD.

i hope you watch it, and that it doesn’t stop.  i could have edited it even more, but that would have created even more problems.

ok then,
anniversary grace.