Oct. 31, 2006
more on halloween night  -  @ 11:43 pm
my husband and i just went to the fit club which he’s probably going to join because he has a new schedule, 11 p.m. till 7 a.m., and he can work out at the fit club during his lunch hour, which would be somewhere in the neighborhood of four a.m.


inconceivable to me, personally. he’s excited about it and is going to go there this very night.

meanwhile, more halloween photos. incidentally, look at randy’s arms in that last photo - they’re tattoo sleeves. three guys at the party were wearing tattoo sleeves, including gary germann who looked remarkably like ozzy osbourne. also, mike coulter wore the tattoo sleeves but he was more of a punk rock guy; his wife felicia had on a brilliantly hot pink short wig. they matched quite well, as opposed to the more esoteric pairing of the germanns - gary was ozzy, but his wife, the lovely and talented annie, was mary todd lincoln.

here’s gary, with randy close by, since they’re both rockers.

gary and randy

i can’t believe there’s not a photo of gary and annie together, but here’s one of annie looking through our wedding album.


we had a good number of trick-or-treaters tonight, thank god, because i gave away tons of candy leftover from the party. when the candy is here i have to eat it, so i shoveled heaping gobs of it into kids' bags. problem is, i’m sure they’re not allowed to eat m&m’s that aren’t wrapped in their own little bags.

maybe i’ll throw away the m&ms tomorrow morning, when i’m stronger.

now, we awarded cynda “scariest costume,” and she seemed a little disappointed that she didn’t get prettiest or something like that. but look at this picture; doesn’t she look scary to you? i like the red eye effect especially.


linda and bill were sonny and cher, and although they didn’t win a costume prize, they did entertain us with “i got you babe.” i think that’s what they sang.

bill and linda

over there to the right is linda’s daughter jessica, who was very very sweet despite the red eyes which made her look like dracula.

i have many more photos, but that’s all for tonight. but wait, what about hawaii? here are some photos of the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. we had to drive through Honolulu (where in the paper every day it says it’s going to be 85 degrees) to get there, but it was worth it. so were the huge lines and masses of people.

this is a memorial on the island that we saw while waiting to take the boat out to the remains of the Arizona and the memorial built over it.


i think we waited two hours to go out to the memorial. while we waited we looked around at a really interesting museum that had lots of stuff about submarines in the war, plus more, and we walked through a submarine. then we took a boat out to the memorial, and this is what it looked like inside.

arizona inside

you can sort of see the ship underneath the memorial, as well as the parts sticking above the water. you could also see the oil that continues to rise to the surface of the water, i can’t remember how many quarts every day. eerie. right before we went out to the memorial, they played a short video that detailed the events. it was quite moving.

under the water

i think i mentioned that we rented “tora tora tora” the other night; it was really interesting to watch this movie about the events leading up to the attack after actually being there.

that’s all for tonight. tomorrow, many more photos of people in costume.

ok then,

last day of october grace.

p.s.  -  @ 8:43 pm

i found that notebook that i was going crazy looking for. it was right there on the floor in the living room. i found it because i was moving a speaker out of the living room. cleaning.

it was VERY VITAL TO MY VERY EXISTENCE, but i haven’t actually opened it up yet.

halloween night  -  @ 8:42 pm

tonight i received an e-mail from my mother-in-law, and part of it read:
“I must not have been paying attention 49 years ago, but I could have sworn that kid only had one penis. And it didn’t look like a dried up parsnip, either!”

this from my mother-in-law. i’ve never gotten an e-mail like that from a mother-in-law. i’ve never actually had a MIL till now, as you probably know. she’s writing about that photo of kevin and me, dressed in our outlet and plug costumes. funny comment from my MIL.

here are just a couple of the costumes. first, amy and jim and randy. randy won the PEOPLE’S CHOICE award. amy and jim won BEST COSTUME. kevin and i chose all the prize except for people’s choice, but we’d have awarded amy and jim the prize even if they weren’t my sister and brother-in-law.

jim randy amy

randy’s wig was so funny. i hope to borrow it sometime, i can’t think of why i would, but i want to. and amy and jim were SO SCARY. they spent over two hours on their makeup. jim didn’t even look like himself. kind of like the cats in “cats.”

more later...

halloween grace.

Oct. 30, 2006
lists  -  @ 4:32 pm

i gues list-keeping is sort of an obsessive-compulsive thing. but on the other hand, without a list, i’m always thinking WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO BE DOING THAT I’M FORGETTING ABOUT?

so, in cleaning for the party we stacked great quantities of things in various places in order to get them out of sight. lots and lots of stuff that was piled on the counter in the kitchen went into the office, this horrible nightmare mess that i’m sitting in right now.


i know it’s here somewhere.

but it isn’t.


i said to myself, ok, you just have to remember what was on the various lists, and you can re-creat them.


i know there’s nothing earth-shattering right now, but i remember that there’s a list of things i definitely want to see in NYC in three weeks. perhaps that, at least, i could re-create.

but there are other lists in that little book, lists of things that surely must be important, lots of stuff that i was putting off before but now have time to do IF I COULD JUST FIND THAT DAMN BOOK.

when looking for it here in the office i came across various layers of things, stuff that has been sitting here for a long time, stuff that needs to be recycled or thrown away. but i didn’t want to do that because i wanted to focus on the task at hand.

but maybe it would be good to start cleaning this office, finally, so that more than half of the floor would actually be exposed. who knows what i might find.

right now i don’t want to think about any of it. here’s a few more hawaii photos, this is only the second full day of our honeymoon. we’re on the Pali Highway on Oahu, this very scenic road that leads to Honolulu. There were some lookouts along the way and somebody else stopped here when we did and we took each other’s pictures. this happened quite a bit in hawaii, since of course the place is mostly full of tourists, more specifically, honeymooners.

pali highway

this is the spectacular view from the top of the highway, the Pali Lookout.


it was SO WINDY up there. kevin took this photo of me as i was trying to videotape and not get blown over the side. SO WINDY.


we drove down to honolulu and took a photo alongside the road before we actually reached the city. it looks nice from a distance.


once we got into the city, though, it was another story. i will go back to hawaii at least once in my life, but i hope to avoid honolulu altogether. too many cars. the highway signs weren’t very clear, either, and we didn’t get on the right road and it was annoying and congested and it reminded me of LA. I don’t want LA in Hawaii. at least if i’m in LA i’m prepared for the nightmare of traffic. In hawaii i want palm trees and crystal blue water and not lots of people.

we didn’t stay in honolulu that long, though. more photos later.

ok then,


HALLOWEEN!  -  @ 12:23 pm
i got swept away by all the cooking and planning for our halloween party, that’s why i haven’t been writing.

and now i’m about to go running because it’s BEAUTIFUL AND SUNNY today. perhaps the last day like this we’ll have all year.

but you never know.

here’s a picture of kevin and me at the party, thanks to cathy mcguire.

me and kevin

i haven’t downloaded any other halloween party photos, but my aunt sandy sent me some hilarious photos of animals dressed in costume. you might have already seen these, but they’re just SO FUNNY.

banana dogs

harry potter froggie

darth vader

princess leia


hula dog


more later...


Oct. 26, 2006
photos  -  @ 12:04 pm

i couldn’t make those photos appear, so i made them into new photos. here’s his fort, on the beach at Kualoa.

kevin fort

and this is what it looked like just a little while later.

fort washed

this is the giant buddha inside the Byodo-In Temple. incidentally, if you’re a “lost” fan, they shot an episode of lost here. or maybe nearby? when at randy’s being forced to watch lost, i looked up filming sites online, and the Byodo-In Temple was one of the places.


more later. really.


Oct. 25, 2006
fort issues  -  @ 3:15 pm

one more thing before I HAVE TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW OR I’LL BE LATE -

i know the photo of the fort and the washed-away fort are missing. i uploaded them and it looks like they’re there, but they’re not and i don’t know how to get them there and i’ll try to upload them again later but i didn’t have any luck at all just trying it again right now.

here in the grey and cold...  -  @ 3:12 pm
some photos of hawaii.

first, that first day on the beach kevin built a little fort and i took a picture of it.

kevin’s fort

it was a very nice fort, but then it got washed away, as forts in the sand tend to do.

washed away

after we sat there on the beach for a very long time, we drove up the coast and it was quite beautiful and unspoiled. then we drove back down and stopped at the byodo-in temple, a reproduction of a temple in japan.

byodo-in temple

i have a picture of the massive buddha inside the temple but i just realized the photo is sideways which means i’ll have to flip it but i have no time right now. flipping, later.

the other day i got an e-mail from a reader, one of the LEGIONS of people who read this website but never, ever write to me to let me know they read it. she said she saw our car going around the lake on our wedding day. hmm, i need to put up a picture of the car, too. the car is a Thing, made by volkswagon. used to be made. anyway, this reader, who must remain ANONYMOUS to you because she could get FIRED FOR READING MY WEBSITE AT WORK. well, she didn’t exactly say she’d get fired, but should would get in DEEP TROUBLE.

i thought it was funny that she’d seen our car since there were almost no people out on the road at all when we took our drive after the ceremony. she also said she remembered reading about the wedding i went to a few years ago when i was the maid of honor but then DEMOTED at the last minute, it was a very bizarre affair, randy’s brother the elvis impersonator married a very bad woman. my reader had met this woman, and could tell she was trouble before they even got married.

so, very small world all around. she also said she had a cat she needs to give away, and i was hoping mom and dad would take the cat, but it has never been around other animals, and they have the two crazy dogs plus one crabby old cat, so it wouldn’t work out. but if you know anybody who would like a very sweet black cat who has been spayed (neutered? male or female? i think male.), and has had his front claws de-clawed, please let me know. she’s quite desperate because she has to move in a month and her new place won’t allow pets and all the animal shelters that don’t have the pets put to sleep are full.

so let me know.

more later tonight, with lots more pictures.

but only in theory, of course you realize, because who know what’ll come up between now and then.

ok ok ok,

married for almost six weeks now grace.

Oct. 23, 2006
very late on sunday night  -  @ 1:29 am
technically, already monday.

a busy weekend. COLD WEATHER has struck.

tonight jim had an excellent idea. he said we should all cash in everything we own and band together to buy a small shack on kauai.

excellent idea.

here’s a photo of a beach on Oahu called Kualoa Beach. this was our very first day in Oahu; we went to this beach after going to that other place i showed you a photo of the other day, and after having lunch and buying lots of stuff at a japanese gift shop/restaurant. i wish i’d taken a photo of that place.

anyway, here’s the view as we sat on the beach, this was in back of us.

kualoa beach

and this is the water itself, as we sat there for a couple of hours, amazed at being in paradise.

kualoa water

i spent some of today printing out more pictures of our honeymoon. i can’t tell you how much photo paper i’ve used, on the wedding and the honeymoon. lots and lots and lots. at the moment the printer is only printing out very washed-out horrible pictures, but i keep running the cleaning program and hopefully it’ll get better. i don’t want to have to go buy a new printer tomorrow, i have too many things to do.

and right now, sleep. i hope your monday is warm and sunny and you spend it sitting on a beach somewhere.

ok then,

grace grace grace.

Oct. 20, 2006
FRIDAY!  -  @ 4:06 pm

except i also have to work tomorrow so today feels more like thursday.

but not really, friday is always friday to me.

i have one more massage this afternoon, and then my husband and i are going to a cabin concert. my friend ann, who has the concerts, told me to give flyers to my friends and i said i don’t HAVE any friends, and she laughed at me. i guess i should have said i do have friends but i don’t actually SEE them very much. i must work on getting better at that.

more hawaii photos! soon. very soon.

i went to yoga class this morning, the second time this week. yoga is very good. i’ve known this for many years now, but after i moved back here from LA i haven’t done any good reason at all. but stretching is very very important in life! i run, i don’t stretch, i run, i don’t stretch, i run, i stretch for a few is very very stretchy.

soon i’ll be going the splits.

just kidding. actually, now that i remember it, last night i dreamed that i did the splits. odd, very odd.

the night before i dreamed that i was printing out photos. one of my more boring dreams, plus i was printing them out forever.

i should also put up a photo of randy’s cats. i took photos of them at his house last night. they’re very cute cats, because they’re cats.

my kitties continue to be killers. the thing is that they can go in and out of the house whenever they want, through the dog door. so if they want to bring in a dead squirrel, no problem.

maybe i didn’t mention that the other day Winnie brought in a dead squirrel and laid it at our feet? “it’s for you,” he’d say if he could talk. “a small token of my love for you, and my appreciation at all the kitty treats.”

and the other night Honey brought in that LIVE mouse when we had people over to dinner and mollie managed to corner it and kill it. did i mention that? and then the night before last we were about to start eating and once again, honey comes in with a mouse, and it’s not dead, and she drops it and it scurries under a cabinet and mollie goes crazy and we moved the couch away from the wall and somehow she managed to get it out of the cabinet and kill it.

and then, this morning...mollie was going crazy trying to get behind the other couch and so kevin moved it and YET ANOTHER MOUSE.

at least mollie keeps killing them, but the kitties just keep BRINGING THEM IN.

problematic. we also figured out how Honey is able to escape from the back yard, even though her front claws are gone. she simply jumps up to the top of the very tall fence, one great leap and she’s at the top.

she’s a crazy hunter and an excellent jumper.

whoops, now i’m going to be late...

have a great weekend,

mrs. hughes

Oct. 19, 2006
very very late on wednesday  -  @ 1:45 am
i can’t exactly say why i’m not in bed yet.

here is the very first picture kevin took in hawaii. i’m on the street near the b&b we stayed in on Oahu, where we were for three nights. it was a very short walk to the beach.

first photo in hawaii

this was the next morning when we went to the beach again. In Lanakai. there’s a good chance i might be making up that name, but i’m much too tired right now to see if i’m wrong. i think i’m right. anyway, we got there about nine in the morning and the beach itself, the sandy part, is pretty narrow because the rich people built big seawalls and that made the sand erode.

or so they say.

anyway, although narrow, it was a perfectly beautiful white sand beach. and that could it possibly be so vibrant? plus the blue blue sky.

when we got there the place was deserted, except for this one old lady out there fishing. she stayed the whole time we were there, for an hour or so.

old lady fishing

i told kevin, that’s what i want to be doing when i’m old. out in the water, wearing my hat, just fishing.

and then, of course, i’d have to return to my cardboard box in which i’d be living if i end up in hawaii.

do you think the earthquake made housing prices drop at all? doubtful.

that morning before we left a few other people appeared on the beach, including a guy and his wife and small baby. the guy immediately started setting up his sail to start surf board sailing. i’m sure there’s an official name for this sport, which involves a sail and a surf board, but i don’t know what it may be. once again, no desire to look it up.

one more photo before i fall right over sound asleep, this is me that very same day. i’m wearing this very cute two piece swim suit that i got at famous barr (now MACY’S) before we left. i bought three swim suits and i’m glad i had so many. anyway, this particular suit actually almost looks like a very very short little dress. and over it i had this white coverup.

and that morning, our first in hawaii, we went to the beach and then were going to drive a little way up the coast and go to another beach, but we ended up driving up quite a way, as it got more and more remote, and this was some weird place where there was some kind of banquet hall but it seemed a little rundown and deserted. but in back of me in this photo, the guidebook that i continally obsessively COULD NOT STOP READING AND REFERRING TO claimed that the island in back of me is where they filmed the opening of “gilligan’s island.” it said it was an airbrushed shot of that opening of the islad, you know the one.

very cool, hopefully the right island. it’s called coconut island.


after we stopped here we drove even farther and stopped for lunch at a huge place that was mostly an asian gift shop, but they also had food and it was delicious and i got a coconut with a straw in it in order to drink the coconut milk. very gilligan’s island-ish. we did a great deal of shopping, then we continued up the coast and spent a couple of hours at another spectacular and mostly deserted beach.

more photos tomorrow.

i’ve just started printing out the photos and it makes me want to GO RIGHT BACK TO HAWAII.

especially in light of the fact that although today it was kind of warm out, we had a good run this afternoon, but then it got VERY COLD.

must get rich in order to afford to live in hawaii.

that is all for now. how will i ever get rich, staying up till ALMOST TWO???

ok ok ok,

grace continuing to be married.

Oct. 16, 2006
MONDAY night  -  @ 11:20 pm
yeah yeah yeah, can i account for all the time that has lapsed since i last wrote? hmm, nope.

i can say that i’ve developed an obsession for printing out wedding photos. why must i print out so many? because there are so many good ones. i have to stop, i keep running out of paper, running out of ink, running out of paper, running out of...

anyway, here are a few photos from CATS, the people in their makeup. first, randy.


next, my friend phil. you can see randy in the background.

phil f.

and finally, this is luda, who i don’t actually know but i invited her to our halloween party anyway. i’m pretty sure she’s russian. she made a very good cat.


it was really strange seeing the people in their makeup. it was hard to recognize them. and really weird was when i saw this one girl in the show, and then i saw her afterwards but she still had her cat makeup on. and then i saw her someplace else, without the cat makeup, and it was difficult to see in her the person in the makeup. extraordinary.

ok, one picture of amy and randy dancing at the wedding.

amy and randy dance

today there were many many things i was going to accomplish. i didn’t accomplish them, except i did get some other VERY IMPORTANT things done, like modifying my business cards and brochures and ordering them. changing all my information on my other website.

i also made some soup. i was going to have mom and dad over for some broccoli cheddar soup but then amy and jim and randy also came over so i made some african peanut soup. this is a DELICIOUS soup, one that i used to make all the time many years ago, but then i lost the recipe.

amy told me about, and i looked up the soup and they had a few variations of it and i love that website because it is, indeed, ALL RECIPES.

delicious. african peanut soup. you put 18 oz. of peanut butter in it.

i really have no time to write. but i’m going to DOWNLOAD THOSE HAWAII PHOTOS tomorrow and i’ll put some up.

now would be a good time to start looking for a house in hawaii, because of the earthquake. maybe we could find a 500 or so square foot house for $350,000.


goodnight then,

married grace getting slightly more organized every day but still not very.

Oct. 12, 2006
RIGHT AFTER THIS  -  @ 1:32 am

i’m going to go to sleep. unless my HUSBAND comes home from work.

which he should, any minute now.

unless he’s frozen somewhere.

so anyway i looked up hawaii real estate. the most incredible thing i found is a house for $350,000...and it has THREE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FOUR SQUARE FEET! how is that even possible? they claim it has three bedrooms, but on the website are a bunch of photos of the yard.

384 square feet. that’s about half the size of the condo we rented on Kauai. and the condo was just one big room.


you can’t get anything, pretty much, for less than $500,000.

but maybe i guess these prices are like the prices in LA. but you EXCPECT LA to be ridiculously expensive.

but i guess you have to pay to live in paradise.

the thing is that hawaii just looks like it’s so unspoiled and rural, so much of it...

so naturally you can’t afford to live in paradise.

sleep now.

ok then,

mrs. hughes.

slipping away...  -  @ 12:14 am

time, that is. how is it one minute till midnight? i don’t know. when you read this it’ll say it’s thursday, but it’s really still wednesday night. later and later.

i feel like i’ve accomplished nothing today, but i know i got millions of little things done.

and also...yesterday we got two CD’s of photos from my uncle jimmy.

we couldn’t look at them on my laptop, because it’s not working.

we put the first cd into kevin’s computer (although technically it’s OUR computer now).

the computer froze up.

we tried again, and yet again.

see, the photos are ENORMOUS. taken with a very fancy camera, and the images were just too big for our old computer that kevin thinks he bought in 2000, which of course makes it prehistoric.


today we bought a new computer.

i looked at the photos tonight, and many of them are dazzling.


but i don’t have the right thing installed to print them the way that is easiest and best. the disc is...where is the disc? it’s somewhere in this office. it’s not a very big office, but it’s remarkably easy to lose things in it.

my husband will find the disc tomorrow, because the last time it was seen, he installed it in his old computer.

there are also plenty of other things that have to be transferred to this brand-spanking-new computer. all kinds of stuff, including the software to download the HAWAII PICTURES.

it’ll happen. i’m attempting to be all zen-like and patient and all of that.

when in reality, of course, i’m saying I WANT EVERYTHING TO WORK RIGHT NOW!

i made lots of peanut butter chocolate chips cookies tonight. lots and lots of them. for the halloween party.

the wedding taught me that you can freeze almost anything and you can defrost it and it’ll be delicious.

for example, i froze several loaves of french bread for the rehearsal dinner, and we didn’t use one loaf, so i froze it again and took it out after the honeymoon. it was delicious. consumed immediately.

freezing, it’s a wonderful thing.


oh yeah, it’s turned bleak and grey and cold here. not freezing cold, but it feels like it after all the warm weather we’ve been having.

this morning when i got up i think it was 50. it’s supposed to be something like 38 tonight. high in the 50’s tomorrow. there was a brief moment of sunny skies today, but only a brief one.

windy. grey. cold. i told kevin i want to move to hawaii. he agreed, wholeheartedly.

if we’re going to move there, first we’ll have to get fabulously wealthy. i’m not sure how to go about this. crappy little houses in kauai are going for half a million dollars.

we could live in an RV. we didn’t see many RVs in hawaii. you wouldn’t really think there would be any RVs there, would you? kevin did see one, in somebody’s driveway. where on earth do they go in it? around and around the island, of course. how did they get it there?

i think it would cost a lot to ship an RV to hawaii.

but probably cheaper than buying a house.

there’s also the issue of mollie and winnie and honey. how would they get there? we wouldn’t want to make them fly. hmm, i don’t recall hearing about cruises to hawaii.

so many things to think about.

meanwhile, i have a halloween party to get ready for. how will the house ever be clean by then? we don’t even have any empty room to stuff things into.

we watched “this is spinal tap” last night. it was funny, not as funny as i remembered, but very funny.

i must turn off this computer. right now.

ok then, goodnight,

grace late on wednesday night but maybe i’ll stay up till my husband gets home, which is only a little more than an hour from now. except i AM very very tired. but it’s just a little more than an hour. i could, for excample, write some more thank-you cards.

there are going to be SO MANY photos up here very soon. very very soon.

Oct. 08, 2006
after a lovely evening filled with  -  @ 11:10 pm
delicious homemade pizza and visiting and chatting, and then jim made a bonfire and we sat around it and talked for a long time after eating s'mores, and it was really nice and peaceful and good...

i came home and turned on the heat and puttered around for a short while...

and in the living room lies a fairly large, very dead bird.

feathers are everywhere.

it’s disturbing to think of the huge battle that must have taken place in my absence.

when i got home the kitties were both so quiet and so good and wanted a treat, which i gave them, before realizing that the slaughter had taken place.

how does a cat with no front claws even catch a bird?

i don’t want to pick it up.

i don’t want kevin to have to pick it up when he gets home from work.

but i don’t want to pick it up. i’m also not in the mood to do any vacuuming right now.

maybe i’ll pretend the living room doesn’t exist. for now, anyway.

whew. an exciting columbus day weekend around here.

ok then,

married for three weeks grace.

Oct. 07, 2006
i say yet again, WHAT ABOUT HAWAII???!!!  -  @ 6:01 pm
i’m going to make an effort to download those photos. i’m not even sure where kevin’s camera might be, which is where all the pictures are.

i took video. three hours worth! we’ve watched more than half of it.

today...another lovely fall day. warm and sunny and beautiful.

the problem now is that we keep losing things. i just found out that i lost one of my favorite cookbooks. it’s called “make ahead entertaining” and i’ve had it for years and years and it’s by this old couple named mable and gar hoffman. i don’t usually know that much information about something, but i’ve looked at it enough to have memorized their names. there’s a funny picture of them somewhere on the book, and they look cheerful and very midwestern. their whole wheat herb cheese bread is scrumptious, even though i haven’t made it in a very long time.

there’s a bunch of other stuff we’ve lost, too, more serious things, because i’m sure i could find that cookbook on amazon in less than a minute.

hey, we saw “cats” on wednesday night and it was great, and i’m going again tonight. randy is bustofer jones, and he’s really funny. he comes in from the back of the theater and gives out his card to members of the audience. dad thought his costume was the best of anybody’s. dad really loved the show, too, by the way, which is unusual. dad is pretty critical.

i’m wearing something more comfortable to the show tonight. on wednesday i wore my new FABULOUS dress i got in hawaii, and a big flower in my hair that i bought at the airport in Kauai right before we left, and these very very spiky tall green heels that randy gave me for christmas last year or the year before. he gave them to me to go with a lovely green skirt and sweater, and i was actually thinking of wearing that outfit tonight but then i said to myself ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? because kevin won’t be with me to drop me off at the door and any amount of walking at all in those shoes is way too much.

i need to wear them sometime when i’ll just be sitting. or lounging.

tonight, sensible shoes.

here’s a photo from the day after the wedding, the lovely and delicious brunch at amy and jim’s house. i wish i had some of that food right now, as a matter of fact. kevin has foil on his head here. i’m not sure why he has foil on his head. i was pretty out of it the morning after. also at the table are paolo, kelly, christine, and bev.


and here’s the backup cake. i had planned to buy a backup cake, but then at the last minute decided i had PLENTY of free time to make a backup cake. so i did that, and i wasn’t going to decorate it. but then i made so many flowers that i had all these leftover, so i put them on the backup cake and it sat right next to the other cake and amy started cutting it when the big cake was being cut, so it was all eaten but there was quite a bit of one of the carrot cake layers left. a good thing, because then we had plenty of leftovers.

backup cake

damn, i’m going to go look for those hawaii photos now.

i keep thinking about hawaii. i wishe we could go back really soon. but there are other trips we’ll take, but we’ll go back.

ok ok ok,

saturday grace.

Oct. 05, 2006
more frim fram  -  @ 10:32 pm

now, thes are the lyrics, according to another website. i noted that “aussen fay” and “chafafa” are here “oss and fay” and “shifafa.” hmm.

the latter are allegedly the lyrics that diana krall used when she recorded the song. but then i looked at some more web sites and “shifafa” is spelled in different ways.

this is why the internet is BAD BAD BAD. because here i’ve been sitting, looking up these lyrics, when i could be doing something MEANINGFUL with my life.

i think the “aussen fay” and “cha fa fa” are the correct lyrics.

but don’t quote me on it.

I don’t want French-fried potatoes,
Red, ripe tomatoes.
I’m never satisfied.
I want the Frim Fram Sauce
With the oss and fay
With shifafa on the side.

I don’t want pork chops and bacon.
That won’t awaken
My appetite inside.
I want the Frim Fram Sauce
With the oss and fay
With shifafa on the side.

Well, you know,
A girl, she really got to eat,
And a girl, she should eat right.
Five will get you ten
I’m gonna feed myself right tonight.

I don’t want fish-cakes and Rye bread,
You heard what I said.
Waiter, please, I want mine fried.
I want the Frim Fram Sauce
With the oss and fay
With shifafa on the side.

Shoo, doo-doo-doo-ya, doo, doo;
Shuuba doo-ya doo, sheeya-did'n'doo.

I don’t want French-fried potatoes,
Red, ripe tomatoes.
I’m never satisfied.
I want the Frim Fram Sauce
With the oss and fay
With shifafa on the side.

I don’t want pork chops and bacon.
That won’t awaken
My appetite inside.
I want the Frim Fram Sauce
With the oss and fay
With shifafa on the side.

Now you know,
Girls. we really got to eat,
And you know we should eat right.
Five will get you ten
I’m gonna feed myself right tonight.

I don’t want fish-cakes and Rye bread,
You heard what I said.
Waiter, please, I want mine fried.
I want the Frim Fram Sauce
With the oss and fay
With shifafa on the side.
Ooh, with shifafa, uh, on the side.

frim fram sauce!  -  @ 10:24 pm

here’s the song, thanks to wikipedia:

“The Frim-Fram Sauce” is a jazz song, made famous by The Nat King Cole Trio and performed by a variety of musicians over the years. “The Frim-Fram Sauce” was written in 1945. The lyrics were written by Redd Evans, who wrote words to a number of Cole songs. The music was composed by Joe Ricardel, known as the co-writer of the “Brooklyn Dodger Jump”, among others.

“The Frim-Fram Sauce” is best remembered for its silly lyrics. The narrator speaks to a waiter in a restaurant, and is in the process of ordering food. Throughout the song, the customer lists numerous real foods that he doesn’t want, such as pork chops and fish cakes. In the chorus, he explains what he really wants: some “frim-fram sauce” with the “aussen fay” and “chafafa” on the side. Of course, none of these foods really exist, so at the end he gives up and says: “If you don’t have it, just bring me a check for the water!”

Although considered a novelty song, “The Frim-Fram Sauce” has nonetheless endured as a memorable tune of its era. It has been performed by numerous artists including Ella Fitzgerald (with Louis Armstrong), Slim and Slam (Slim Gaillard and Slam Stewart), Les Brown, King Crimson, John Pizzarelli and recently Diana Krall, who included the song in her 1996 Nat King Cole tribute album, All For You. The song returned to fame when it was also performed on the American Idol TV show in 2002 by Ryan Starr.

thursday night  -  @ 10:20 pm
there are many many things that i have to get done.

get a new driver’s license, a new social security card, change the name on my bank account, get new business cards, new brochures for my business, new passport, change all the addresses and names on different internet things that i can’t even remember exactly.

not to mention thank-you cards, which i was doing really well on but then really slacked off on a lot and haven’t written any at all today.

perhaps i’m hunkering down for winter. which is JUST AROUND THE CORNER.


i ran yesterday morning and both mollie and i were very warm.

this morning i wore leggings and a long sleeved shirt and she was feeling good because of the brisk weather, ran like crazy.

i have to get some new running tights or sweats or something. mostly what i wore last year is this one pair of very old cotton leggings that were amy’s, but she got rid of them because they’re ugly and they have holes in the inner thighs.

they’re all i could find to put on this morning. at least they kept my legs warm.


we really need to put them on the computer.

thank-you cards.

invitations to the halloween party.

a list of food for the party - that’s the only thing i’ve managed to think about today.

i will say that i was very, very busy giving massages for a good part of the day.

so not a TOTAL slacker.

just a partial one.

ok, i’ve compressed a few more photos of the wedding.

this is dad and me during our dance, when the band played that “schefaffel on the side” song. i know that’s not the way you spell it and i know that’s not even the name of the song, but it’s the best i can do right now.

it’s a song about food, “french fried potatoes...” i can’t remember very many specific words. yeah i KNOW it would only take three seconds to look it up here online.

frim fram sauce? maybe that’s the name.

anyway, me and dad cutting a rug:

dance with dad

and here’s another one:

dance with dad again

dad says he doesn’t have the energy that he used to have.

yet he managed to continue dancing, here with my friend kelly.

dad dancing

ok, here’s a romantic and lovely shot.


i just wanted you to get a good look at me, all made up, hair perfect, looking radiant and all of that.

here’s one more for good measure. kevin and i are dancing to “I thought about you,” which Real Time also played.

dancing with kevin

so that’s me all made up.

i just wanted to show you those photos in order to contrast them with THE REAL ME.

the morning after. my feet had finally quit bleeding from the pain of the high heels. i was still exhausted, with the prospect of going to a (very delicious and lovely) brunch at amy and jim’s house, then going home and packing and driving to st. louis.

but so here’s the real me.

morning after

i didn’t eat ALL the leftover wedding cake.

here’s the real Mollie, finishing off the last crumbs out of the giant cake box.


there you have it.

more tomorrow.

which is FRIDAY.

i WILL get some stuff done tomorrow. gonna get up early.

earlier, anyway.

i won’t tell you what time i got up today.

let’s just say not early. in any way.

ok then,

married almost THREE weeks now,


Oct. 03, 2006
ok, one more thing...  -  @ 10:17 pm
i just STOLE this photo off jerri’s website, because it’s SO CUTE. lucy is adorable of course, and mollie is looking at her like “what’s this baby gonna do?”

lucy and mollie

or maybe she’s coveting lucy’s binky. “does that baby have FOOD? how can i get it without anybody looking?”

notice mollie’s special pink wedding collar and bows on top of her harness.

Beagle of Honor.

the other night kevin got home at three in the morning and i was already asleep and mollie greeted him at the door and smelled WORSE THAN SHE’D EVER SMELLED. and so he tried to wipe her off with a wet nap but it came out black and he decided to give her a bath right then. so he took off her collar and she knew THIS MEANT BATH, so she quickly ran to our bed and layed down next to me.

bleary-eyed, i asked kevin what was going on and he told me. mollie did smell a little different, but i have a HORRIBLE sense of smell, especially at three a.m. kevin stood there in the doorway and kept saying, in his most stern voice, “Mollie. Come HERE. Mollie.”

over and over. she’d have none of it. she ran to the window, she ran back next to me in bed and i finally decided, hmm, she does smell rather wretched and vile. so i pushed her out of bed to her BATH TORTURE.

she’s very clean and sweet-smelling. for the moment, anyway.

we haven’t had any dead small animal incidents for at least a night now. the other night i think i wrote about the sea of feathers all over the living room floor, and then the next day there was a small dead bird in the doorway of this office.

oh, and last night...everybody showed up at the house and i was busy heating things up and somebody said A MOUSE! Honey, the innocent little KILLER KITTY had brought it in. a live one, so everybody could have fun playing with it. mollie went crazy trying to climb under the china cabinet to find it, somebody got a broom, and finally it was in the garage and then kevin opened the garage door a little so it could escape.

mollie spent the rest of the night frantically pacing around in the garage. Winnie sat next to the freezer, where the mouse had last been spotted.

the funny thing is, we were eating lots and lots of food in the living room and mollie missed every last chance to beg and get lots and lots of scraps from lots of people.

mollie the hunter. Beagle of Honor by day, ruthless predator by night.

but it’s really the cats who do most of the small animal stalking.

HALLOWEEN!!!  -  @ 10:13 pm

i don’t think i’ve mentioned that we’re having a BIG HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARTY! theoretically we’ll be sending out invitations by this weekend. HOPEFULLY.

but i’m just telling you now, in case you’re reading this and you think you should be invited but maybe i’d forget to invite you because i am somewhat absentminded. so you could always write to me and remind me.

i bought some stuff for halloween tonight, and even though the party is coming right up, it’s not going to be stressful because it’s going to be very low-key compared to the wedding.

and i have no GIANT CAKE to make and decorate and transport across town.

except tonight i was in a store and saw these kits for halloween gingerbread houses and i thought how LAME to have a kit for something like that, but it sure would be fun to make one FROM SCRATCH...

hopefully somebody will stop me from doing this, because it could end up being a big nightmare of work.

i’m trying to think about easy things to make, instead.

brownies. chex party mix. stuff like that.

enough already.

married grace.

p.s. christine changed my name on the masthead up above, and of course i didn’t notice it but she told me the other day (was that just yesterday?). she was talking about exporting this whole website over to another place on the same server and they’d have to physically move it from one machine to another and that seemed a little odd to me but when this all happens it’s then going to be very very good and i can have some new and exciting pictures up there instead of all those ones where my hair is red, which it’s NOT going to be anymore, it’s blonde till i die.

my friend bev was voted SECRETARY OF THE YEAR this year. i just found this out last night when she came over to eat lasagne and leftover wedding carrot cake and watch one of the hawaii videos.

how about that, secretary of the year? bev is a great person - smart, funny, kind, enthusiastic, and such a hard worker. she’s always selflessly throwing herself into things. she should get a better award than just secretary of the year, but at least that’s something. mother of the year, for example.

pictures, pictures...i still haven’t seen our hawaii photos. but here are a few more wedding pictures.

this is kevin and me at our wedding table. you can see bill over there on the left side, and just a little bit of tracy.

Bill’s lovely wife tracy, by the way, took many of the photos i’ve been putting up here. kevin’s niece amanda took the other ones. soon i will have MILLIONS more photos from my uncle jimmy, and i could then probably put all the different photos together and make a video.

wedding table

this is christine and randy walking up the aisle. it’s a little fuzzy, but christine’s smile looks so nice. so does randy’s.

christine and randy

you already saw david and mercedes walking up the aisle. and here’s amy, my matron of honor, and bill, the best man.

amy and bill

tracy took all these photos, and this one is my favorite. she was focusing on getting a close up of each couple, but then here came Jim with Mollie...and you can’t tell it’s either of them. very, very funny. it does nicely capture the special pink wedding leash we got mollie.

jim and mollie

this is another funny moment. the judge, george, said “who gives this woman?” and dad was trying to say “her mother and i do,” but he choked on his words and then had a hard time getting them out, and you can see that all the guys are snickering at this, as was dad.

but amy, for one, thought dad was getting choked up with tears, as did those who were in the audience and close enough to see him. it was funny.

dad laughing

except mollie is just looking intently at kevin. she was very good, and i think i mentioned that she kept the two boys ben and sam occupied during the ceremony because they just wanted to pet her constantly. now if they’d had some dog treats with them, she’d have been much more enthusiastic about their attention.

gee, where are those hawaii photos? i keep thinking about hawaii. i want to go back, but maybe next time i want to see maui and the big island.

it’s going to be colder tomorrow. today it was 92, which was a little bit ridiculous.

that’s all for this moment,

married grace.

Oct. 02, 2006
sometimes i wonder what, exactly, is wrong with me.  -  @ 12:12 am

because all day i’ve been tired. dead tired. so tired.

i stayed up till kevin got home last night, at two. and we stayed up till three.

we got up at 11.

that’s EIGHT HOURS of sleep. enough for any adult.

and yet i’m so tired that i might as well be hungover. but i’m not. just ridiculously tired.

so why aren’t i in bed already?

at nine i decided to make some lasagne. tomorrow night we’re having leftover lasagne and watching more hawaii videos, but there’s no leftover vegetarian lasagne for amy and jim, so i decided to make some more.

and then i came in here and started looking stuff up.

like some kind of cretin.

i’ve been looking up stuff in NYC.


well, we’re going there in november. and i thought i’d look a couple of things up, even though i already know plenty of things to do, things that my HUSBAND hasn’t seen yet.

but i thought i’d look up different restaurants and bars and stuff to do on thanksgiving...

and now it’s almost midnight. and i’m still as tired as ever.

are there any photos i could put up now?

here’s the whole wedding party.

wedding party

this is all the females, including cara the flower girl. the funny thing about this picture is that christine looks like a GIANT. i think that’s because we’re standing on a hill. or maybe she grew six inches since the last time i saw her, and i didn’t notice her towering over everybody because i was too distracted with other wedding-type things.


i think this picture of amy and christine is funny because neither looks particularly happy.

amy and christine

we’re in kevin’s car, the thing, a volkswagen-manufactured car that’s very fun to drive. bill, kevin’s best man, is driving.

after the ceremony dad made an announcement that we were all going to drive around the lake for a wedding procession. you know, how they do that with horns honking.


it was a lovely, beautiful drive, and the only car behind us was judge george ray’s. was he the only one who understood dad? did everybody else just want to get to the motor boat club and start drinking? we never could figure it out. when i mentioned it the people in the wedding party had different reasons why they didn’t follow us, and that makes sense - most of them had jobs to do before going to the reception. but where were all the wedding guests?

sitting around at the motor boat club.

at least we looked like movie stars.

the thing

i haven’t even seen any of the millions of photos that kevin took while we were in hawaii.

maybe tomorrow.

which is MONDAY already.

bed. right now.

ok ok ok,

grace married over TWO WHOLE WEEKS now.

Oct. 01, 2006
tonight  -  @ 1:21 am
i showed my family two of the three-hour honeymoon videos. they enjoyed watching it because they went to Kauai two years ago when amy and jim got married (their very SURPRISE wedding, where only mom and dad were in attendance). it was quite gratifying to see that we’d actually found the spot where the ceremony took place.

it was under a palm tree.

there are MANY MANY palm trees in hawaii. they couldn’t give me very good directions about where, exactly, they’d been married. but when they saw the video (of the second place where i thought it might be), they said THAT’S THE PLACE! and that was very cool.

i’ll be posting a photo of that one of these days.

at the rate i’m going, that’ll be today.

except today is already over, now it’s tomorrow. sunday. i really really need to go to bed now.

i just have to put up a few more photos.

this is another shot of the cake. did i mention that in addition the top layer which were allegedly saving till next year, we also have a pretty big carrot cake layer in the freezer? i’m taking it out next week and we’re going to watch some more honeymoon videos and eat cake.

one more cake photo

here’s a great picture of mercedes and david. i love this because david just looks so genuinely happy, as does mercedes. as soon as i buy some more photo paper i’m going to print out a bunch of copies for the family.

it was a really lovely, beautiful day all around.

david and mercedes

this is kevin and his mom, nancee, at the reception. i think it’s a nice, happy photo of his mom. i worried about his family enjoying themselves. this isn’t kevin’s first marriage, and i wondered if they might be thinking, “uh oh, here he goes again.”

it’s funny, all the worrying that seemed to go on. i also worried a lot about that not getting around to all the tables to say hi to everybody that i wrote about earlier. tonight amy said she was upset the day after the wedding because she hadn’t danced with me! she was worried that that made her a bad sister. i couldn’t believe that she’d worry about this at all. mom was concerned that she hadn’t danced with my brother david.

we’re a family of worriers. too many people worry too much.

kevin and his mom

ok, so i’m starting yet another new chapter of my life, and i’m going to attempt in this all new deal to STOP WORRYING SO MUCH.

also maybe not quite as much planning. we could have spent more time just relaxing during our trip, but when i’m in a new place it’s very very difficult for me not to want to see everything. our pace wasn’t frantic all the time, but we saw plenty.

here, kevin is singing to me. he’s playing “lady.” is that the name of the song? wouldn’t you think i’d KNOW the name of the song?

it goes “lady...are you crying? Do your tears belong to me?”

lady. i think. he sang it to me very early on in our relationship, and then at other times.

he was going to use a microphone, but one of his mics was at the top of the hill for randy to sing. and the other one was at the motor boat club for the reception.

about 15 minutes before the wedding, somebody said that kevin wasn’t around. he’d left. christine said he went out to find some kind of cord or something. HE LEFT? i asked. christine said she didn’t want to tell me that.

i thought he’d gone to the store (and had no idea WHY he felt the need to shop 15 minutes before we were going to be married), but later he said he’d gone to the motor boat club to find some kind of adaptor for another microphone he had. hank, one of the guys in the band Real Time, who played at the reception, said he had one with his stuff. i don’t know why hank didn’t go look for the adaptor, but kevin went and didn’t find it.

but at least he came back.

and even if people in the back row couldn’t hear him, i could. and that’s all that really matters.

but on the other hand, i wouldn’t have wanted people to sit there bored.

but at one point during the ceremony i looked around me at the incredibly beautiful setting and thought that even if you were EXTREMELY JADED about weddings (and i know there were at least a couple of people in the audience who were), you’d have to appreciate sitting there in this lovely yard with absolutely perfect weather, sipping a sangria and eating a homemade chocolate chip cookie.

or we also had cold water.

i’d like some sangria and a cookie right now, as a matter of fact.

there were quite a few cookies left but dad kept most of them. he wanted to keep them all but there were a LOT left, so i made him relinquish a few of them.

i actually had a glass of leftover sangria tonight, and it’s still pretty good.

kevin sings to me

ok, ONE MORE PHOTO before i MUST go to sleep. we passed out wedding bubbles for the walk up the aisle, and this is a good photo of that.


ok i lied, just one more. this is jim and mollie and the bubbles. mollie is kind of hard to see, in back of jim. i’m not sure what, exactly she was doing here, why she seemed hesitant to walk up the aisle. maybe she smelled cookies and was trying to snag one as she walked.

jim and mollie

in the background you can see sam. sam and ben were both in the wedding; i have at least one good photo so far of them together. ben, my friend kurt’s son, was the ring bearer, and because he got to do this his little brother sam was jealous so sam was the assistant to the flower girl.

and since mollie was the beagle of honor, the boys spent most of the wedding petting mollie. or at least i’m pretty sure that’s what they were doing; i was trying to focus on matters at hand.

the thing i remember most vividly is that at one point ben suddenly fell down. no reason or anything, he just fell right down. after he got up, almost immediately, sam fell down. i didn’t laugh. it wouldn’t have been appropriate. but it was so funny.

i guess small children don’t have very good balance.

i know i didn’t when i was a child.

still don’t, so much. but i did manage to stay upright during the entire wedding, even though i was walking down a hill in high heels.

ok, i’m truly going to sleep now. except my HUSBAND is going to be home from work ANY MINUTE NOW, so maybe i’ll stay up just a few minutes more.

just a few.

one or two.

goodnight, goodnight,

married grace, TWO WEEKS already.

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