Sep. 30, 2006
ok, i just want you to know  -  @ 4:41 pm
that’s it’s 4:25 p.m. and i haven’t had a shower yet today. i got up and started unpacking and cleaning and stuff and now i’ve been looking through wedding photos...

i have to shower. technically, i haven’t had one since THURSDAY MORNING. when i got up to go get on the plane from kauai to ohau to dallas to st. louis.


first, some of the bottles with kynda’s fabulous flower arrangements:

wedding flowers on table

and this is how our table looked:

our table

here are a few of the people who were hard at work on saturday morning to get ready. not in the photo are kynda and wanda and erica. and i’m sure i’m leaving somebody out. amy, for example.

that’s one aggravation about the wedding - did i leave anybody out of the guest list? and i still worry about the fact that i didn’t go talk to the people at every table. what, exactly, was i doing?

wedding workers

and HERE IS THE CAKE. ta da.


damn, it looks good. but it should, because i realize that i think one reason why i didn’t worry about other wedding aspects so much, like the fact of actually getting married and stuff like that, is that i was busy thinking about CAKE CONSTRUCTION.

there’s a great photo of me the morning after the wedding, eating part of the leftover cake. looking so different from the glamorous wedding day.

here’s my niece mercedes walking down the aisle, looking very stylish and grown-up.


this is one of my favorite photos, the guys plus mollie, who was the Beagle of Honor. she was very very good, of course. i don’t know exactly why the guys are carrying our bouquets, but i like it.

wedding guys plus mollie

and this is all the women in the wedding party. cara, the flower girl, isn’t in this photo, but it is a great shot of the beautiful bouquets.

wedding girls with flowers

the problem with bouquets is that there’s such a small amount of time to enjoy them. especially since i left for hawaii the next day.

here is dad walking me down the aisle.

wedding walk

more later.

LOTS more.

including honeymoon photos.


ok ok ok,


back!  -  @ 3:49 pm

hmm, i wonder if i have any readers at all left out there. i’m afraid to even check the statistics to see.

SO MANY PHOTOS to post here! millions of them, and all i have so far are the photos from my and kevin’s cameras.

the honeymoon was fabulous.

we got back yesterday and i was wearing my little short black skirt and my flip-flops and we got off the plane in st. louis and it was SO COLD and we drove back to spfld and right downtown to get a certified copy of our marriage license so it’s really official, and by that time is was raining so i was both wet AND cold. welcome back to the midwest.

but it’s warm and sunny today and i really should be outside.

i didn’t write one thing during the honeymoon, except a few postcards. i wish i’d taken more addresses with me to write more. but i didn’t even bother looking for a computer, and i didn’t write in my journal.

and now...we’ve already pretty much unpacked and i’ve recorded all the gifts we’ve gotten and i have to get right to work on the thank-yous.

my nails are so fabulously long right now. they haven’t been this long in over five years, before i started doing massage.

i like having long nails. and since i was honeymooning and not doing the usual stuff i do, not one of them is broken.

they must be cut on monday. back to the real world.

i felt like we did so much shopping while in hawaii, but now the stuff doesn’t seem like that much. kevin (my HUSBAND) bought at least four cool shirts, plus many t-shirts. i bought an extravagant two-piece dress.

many souvenirs.

i want to go back to hawaii.

ok, i have to shrink some pictures now so i can post them.

christine, can you make the margins small here again?

ok ok ok,

MARRIED grace.

Sep. 17, 2006
perfect.  -  @ 2:43 pm
that was our wedding. the weather was perfect, the setting at my parents' house was beautiful, all of dad’s decorations were lovely. all the attendants looked so good, and amy fixed their hair and it was beautiful, and they all looked so nice, and the men (and boys) were so dashing in their tuxes...

and my dress zipped! zipped right up. the reception, too, was great, the motor boat club looked remarkable, the food was more than i’d hoped for.


i’m so tired right now (why does it seem that i’m always so tired when i’m typing here?), and i have to finish packing for hawaii and then we have to drive to st. louis.

and then...maybe i’ll have a chance to write when i’m in hawaii, not sure how, but you never know. i’ll see a computer somewhere and i’ll borrow it and type. maybe on the beach. friends told me they have bars on all the beaches, so surely they also have free wifi.

i was so glad that people made it from out of town for the wedding. it was great to see my friend kelly, and she went to the lincoln museum and of COURSE she thought it was amazing, and Thad made it even though he had to leave DC at six in the morning and then had to wait around at o'hare airport for hours.

and of course it was great to see christine and paolo, and she’s always a calming influence when i’m trying to get ready but am kind of crabby. yesterday when i was supposed to be putting on makeup etc, i was just TIRED AND CRABBY. but it all worked out.

brendan and jerri were also here with adorable lucy. they were here for about a minute, in time to come to the wedding and reception and then they left early this morning. nice to see them however fleetingly.

kevin’s mom and dad, sister and brother-in-law, and my aunt herrry and uncle jimmy were also present, and kevin’s niece cara was an adorable flower girl and i can’t WAIT to put up some pictures! but i have to wait. i know there were many many pictures taken but no time to download them now.

aunt sandy gave us a picture she’d painted of Mollie and it’s SO CUTE! i’m going to put up a picture of that soon. very soon.

must pack, time is running out..

ok then,

just married grace.

Sep. 16, 2006
this is it!  -  @ 10:15 am

gonna get married.

this morning i woke up and there on the floor in the bedroom was a small, unspecified animal entrail.

kevin said he thought it was a liver.

a wedding gift from Winnie.

i’m going to go decorate now, and then i’m going to go be a bride.

gee, is it too late to get a veil?

ok then,

REALLLY almost married grace.

4:19 a.m.  -  @ 4:26 am

i do have to say i wish i was asleep right now.

i woke up and Winnie was in the bedroom eating something. CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH. i debated about turning on the light to see what it was, and decided i definitely didn’t want to know.

when i walked in here i was careful to not step on anything, because there was probably a mouse face or some internal organ on the carpet.

so...things are going well. well, except for the not sleeping part. most of the people who were coming in from out of town had all kinds of trouble getting here (or they’re not even here yet), but aside from that, things are going pretty smoothly.

right now i have just two worries. first, the damn dress. yesterday morning it zipped right up. aaaahhh. what a relief. somehow i’d lost a couple more pounds even though i’d had lots of cheesy mexican food the night before. the dress zipped up. life is good.

but last night at the rehearsal dinner/party, i ate lots and lots of lasagne and lots and lots of bread. this is all the stuff i made a while ago and froze, and randy’s mom and my friend bev heated it all up and served it and it tasted so much better because it was like somebody else had cooked it and so i couldn’t stop eating. plus i was STARVING.

but now i’ll be lucky to get the dress zipped. i was going to go home and go running or walking or maybe just throw up for a while, but none of that seemed particularly appealing when i got home. i was actually bordering on deliriousness because i was so tired and that’s why it would be good if i could just go back to sleep right now.

my other worry is cake transportation. the cake is HUGE and very heavy - kevin thinks it weighs 50 to 60 pounds. four layers. four HUGE layers.

he’s going to go get balloons in the van in the morning and then he and jim are coming back here to get me and the cake. jim and kevin will carry it to the back of the van and somehow set it gently in there, and then jim and i will sit with it as kevin drives us to the reception place.

and then kevin and jim have to carry it inside.

it’s a little scary to think about, all that carrying and driving.

but let’s just decide right now that it’s going to go fine.

and tomorrow is going to be warm and sunny and beautiful, and the rehearsal went fine and it’s going to be a really really pretty wedding.

and somehow the dress will zip (i’m just going to keep going on this positive note, in order to will it to zip) and at the end of the day i’ll be married to kevin and life is very good.


almost-married grace.

Sep. 15, 2006
late at night  -  @ 12:15 am

i can’t sleep. maybe it’s the large iced tea i had at dinner.

perhaps it’s the upcoming wedding.

i just keep thinking about things.

actually, i got up because i suddenly can’t find this gift certificate to the Gateway to India Restaurant which i want to go to right when i get back.

i don’t know where it is. my dad gave it to me for my birthday. it’s here somewhere, but there are so very many pieces of paper all around that it seems slightly hopeless.


but it was actually a good thing because i went in the kitchn and winnie was in there and he jumped up on the chair next to the counter and then he climbed right onto the counter and started SNIFFING THE CAKE.

because it’s there on the middle of the counter, out of mollie’s reach.

WHY was winnie on the counter? did he want to take a bite of the cake? was he about to start playing in the frosting?

so i made a barricade around it. i got cereal boxes and wine bottles and a couple of boxes and made a nice shield all around the perimeter of the cake. i also moved the chairs around the counter to the middle of the room and i don’t think the cats can get up on the counter if the chairs aren’t there.

hopefully things will be fine tonight.

now, where’s that gift certificate?

Sep. 14, 2006
100 pounds of frosting later...  -  @ 3:47 pm

right now i just feel annoyed. yeah yeah yeah i’m exciting i’m getting married on saturday but right now my hand is killing me from piping all that endless amount of frosting and i just want it to be DONE.


it does look pretty darn good, if i do say so myself.

i’m taking another little break.

i have to pack.

i have to try on my dress and see if it fits. randy says we could always go to david’s bridal tomorrow and buy me another one if i don’t like this one.

oh boy. i need a nap.

there were these awful billboards in LA that advertised a sports place and they read “you can sleep when you’re dead.” horrible.

my philosophy is “i can nap when i’m married.”

on the beach.

ok then,


bone marrow  -  @ 11:51 am

i just checked my e-mail and read a thing about the latest stuff you’re allowed to carry on the airplane.

luckily, you’re allowed to carry bone marrow.


p.s. BIG pictures  -  @ 11:48 am

damn the pictures are too big for the site. sorry about that. i don’t have time to re-size them right now. sorry.

taking a little break  -  @ 11:47 am
frosting/decorating is going pretty well.


bags and bags and bags. maybe 12 pounds? maybe more, i don’t know.

kevin installed the thing so i could download photos on his computer. so here’s the cake topper.

cake topper

you probably don’t remember the photo of the practice cake topper, but this one is much better. it’s not as perfect as i’d hoped it would be, but really, i guess there was no chance of that happening.

here’s the wedding couple that is going to go on one of the layers.

wedding couple

these are the leaves and little pink flowers. the flowers will go all around the sides of the cake, over the lattice.

leaves and little flowers

and this is a general view of the kitchen, with the flowers in the front and the bottles and gifts on the table.

cake mania

it doesn’t look like that now. i took some photos of the cake in progress, but i don’t have time at the moment to put them up here. let’s just say that CAKE IS EVERYWHERE.

But here’s a photo of the freezer, stuffed with cake and lasagne and cookies and lots and lots of food.


enough lollygagging around! i must get back to work.

thursday. THURSDAY!!!

good lord.

ok then,

thursday grace.

Sep. 13, 2006
dancing with the stars  -  @ 9:41 am

kynda e-mailed me; she loves dancing with the stars because of the DANCING. this is a good reason to like it. she doesn’t care about the judging and all of that.

one problem i have with the show is that it’s so much filler; yakking with the people, all the ads, the blah blah blah.

ok, so i went for a great run with mollie this morning. it’s only sixty degrees and slightly drizzly. good for running, not for getting married outside. but it’s supposed to be warm and sunny and lovely on saturday. perhaps this is because so many people have said they’re praying for good weather. i appreciate this greatly.

the cakes are out of the freezer! kevin will be surprised when he gets up and there are defrosting cakes all over the kitchen.

it’s funny how i’m not feeling anxious at all today.

it’s probably because the cake topper frosting flowers didn’t all sink down to the bottoms of the toothpicks. that would have bummed me out a lot.

ok ok ok, i hope your wednesday is good...


just kidding. no big deal. all is good.

except i really need to pack. soon.

ok then,

wednesday grace

Sep. 12, 2006
p.s. the difference between morning grace and nighttime grace  -  @ 11:06 pm

this morning when i made cookies i knew it was a good time to do it because i had no desire to eat them.

tonight when i made more cookies i ate the dough and didn’t even care that i was doing it. it was delicious. as were the cookies.


i took a break tonight and watched some of the show “dancing with the stars,” because Randy mentioned he was going to tape it because he couldn’t watch it because he has rehearsal for “cats.”

i watched in between making cookies, so it wasn’t exactly like a break except i was able to sit down for at least three minutes at a time, sometimes five.

the concept of this show is that there’s a star, like, say, harry hamlin, and a real dancer, and they dance together and then three judges comment upon their dancing (they didn’t care too much for poor harry, but i think his bigger problem is his scary-looking wife with HUGELY collagen-injected lips and a kind of general hysteria about her), and then they give each pair a rating from zero (does anybody ever get zero) and ten, i think. and then YOU, the CAPTIVATED AUDIENCE, can either call in or go online and VOTE VOTE VOTE for your favorite.

and then couples get eliminated each week, blah blah blah, another voting for people show.

and this makes me think that what AMERICAN REALLY WANTS TO WATCH is PEOPLE BEING JUDGED.

on american idol you can watch amateur singers being judged, and then you can vote for them, and on survivor people are judge or whatever i CANNOT STAND that show, and in Dancing WTS, you get to watch CELEBRITIES being judged and you also get to GIVE JUDGEMENT UNTO THE STARS.

why do we like judging so much? and by “we” i’m talking about everybody who loves these shows and i know there are many people who do but I’M NOT ONE OF THEM.

just so you know.

i haven’t really been watching TV for quite a while now and i don’t really miss it. i haven’t had time lately, but before that i guess i was just busy watching my DVDs of “sex & the city” and now Reno 911.

but anyway, why judging? does it make people feel superior? do they feel more interactive, instead of facing the reality that they’re just sitting there watching instead of doing something, like, say, taking dance lessons?

i have to say the costumes, most of them, were very nice. i believe that vivica a. fox had some major undergarmet corseting stuff under her dress. and what about jerry springer? he wore a tux, but it had a big SASH with a BOW IN THE FRONT of it. it looked ridiculous. i felt embarassed for him as he sort of walked around as this hot-looking blonde babe in a teeny tiny pink dress danced up a storm around him.

the judges seemed to LOVE jerry, maybe because he had the sheer gall to get up there and look silly in that big sash with bow.

they loved him, but the didn’t give him a good score. i didn’t see the entire first hour of the show so i missed the really really good people, and also some bad couple with a guy named tucker and i wonder who that celebrity is, but he looked bad just in the two second clip they showed of him dancing.

ok, i just looked him up and he’s TUCKER CARLSON, an anchor on MSNBC and he’s a controversial political pundit and columnist etc etc.

i looked up the judges to see if they had any qualifications at all and the female judge has done many many things, the most fascinating being that she choreographed “who wants to marry a millionaire.” i never saw this show, but i didn’t think it was the kind of show that would have dancing.

perhaps in order to marry the millionaire the women had to be good dancers. but why am i assuming that the millionaire would be a man? i just bet he was.

one great thing about not watching tv is that i never have to watch political commercials.

so, i was going to put some photos up here but of course i can’t figure out how to make the usb cable for my camera work with this computer and i think i need some software because that’s what the computer told me but of course i have no idea where that might be located here.

i took a picture of the cake topper which i worked on tonight. it has frosting flowers on green toothpicks sticking out all over, like the practice one i made for MFH’s birthday, but this one looks better.

my only problem is that after i put icing on the bottom of the flowers and put the toothpicks in them and let them dry, i didn’t then turn them over and let them dry more that way. so now i’m afraid they’re going to slip down the toothpicks. hopefully when i get up in the morning they won’t be all sunken in. i guess i’m going to will that not to happen.

i’m not feeling so edgy right now, except i really need to pack. i also really need to go to bed.

time is running out, time is running out...

i also took a picture of the freezer because it’s so completely jam-packed with lasagne and bread and lots and lots of cake layers and now many many many cookies.

frittering away my time instead of packing.

ok ok ok,

tuesday night grace.


statistics  -  @ 1:17 pm

there’s a statistic in the USA Today that says 82% of women are married or have been married by the age of 35.

i’ve been in quite a minority. until saturday.

SATURDAY. coming right up.

taking deep breaths. maybe this would be a good time to try meditation again.

if i had a little free time to do it.

ok ok ok,


tuesday afternoon already  -  @ 1:07 pm

where did tuesday morning go? i got up and immediately started making cookies. lots and lots of cookies. morning is a good time to bake cookies, because i at that time i have absolutely no desire to eat the dough. that made me think of christine, how she liked to make chocolate chip cookies just to eat the dough. i wonder if she ever makes cookies anymore. she’ll be here on friday.

i’m feeling panicky today. right now i’m at randy’s and kevin is putting together a shelf for him. we’re supposed to be at mom and dad’s cleaning, but there’s time for that. and then i have to wash the dogs, shortie and gizmo.

and then mom and amy and i are getting pedicures, which maybe will put me in more of a pre-wedding mood instead of just this panicky feeling.

but maybe that IS the pre-wedding mood.

i don’t want to feel this way all week.

the frosting flowers weren’t getting dry quickly enough, but i think they’ll be ok.

i keep putting more and more things into the freezer in the garage and somehow, miraculously, the door continues to be able to shut. i don’t know how. will it hold four dozen more cookies?

yes, because in the morning the cakes come OUT OF THE FREEZER.


hey, here’s a good thing - we’re going to have wedding rings! perhaps i haven’t mentioned that i shipped my engagement ring off and haven’t seen it in a month, and kevin’s sister is making a ring to match plus a ring for kevin. but it has been a little touch and go about getting the rings back, and getting them in time for the wedding. but they’re going to arrive tomorrow or thursday. so that’s very nice. at least i’ll have a day or two to wear my engagement ring all by itself.

and then, my finger will be choked with two rings. hmm, i’ll have to get used to that.

plus being married.

maybe i need a nap.

ok then,

tuesday grace.

Sep. 11, 2006
so...  -  @ 11:16 pm

i’m not feeling anxious, or nervous, and i’m not getting cold feet.

but tonight i’m feeling a little bit panicky. because i’ve been carrying around this notebook with my list of things to do, and i keep revising it, but now, i have to cross everything off the list. and time is RUNNING OUT.

i just realized that there seem to be glaring errors in the program we’ve been working on. things aren’t in the right order. kevin and i have to look at it together.

i made the second layer of the backup cake today, and a whole bunch of cookies. also we cleaned chairs at mom and dad’s house. they look really good, and at least we were outside working and it was gorgeous and the wedding is going to be really lovely.

dad went out and spent quite a bit of money on decorations for the yard.

i hadn’t thought of yard decor, because the yard itself is quite beautiful.

but dad decided decorations were necessary. so i’m sure it will be spectacular.

one little problem now is that people keep bringing up overlooked little items, and they’re rapidly adding up. so instead of crossing things off my list, i keep adding to it.


very bad.

i have to sew a button that has come off my dress. i’ve been so busy thinking about cleaning and baking and stuff like that, i haven’t spent any time on my general appearance. i’m getting a pedicure tomorrow, so that’s something. at least my toes will look good.

when we get back from our honeymoon, we’re going to go camping.

not that i’m planning THAT far ahead.

mollie had a good day because she got to go to mom and dad’s house with us. she ran around in the yard a lot. but she didn’t really nap at all, so now she’s very very tired although she was sitting there looking plaintive when i was baking cookies. and then i looked down and she was looking up at me DROOLING.

i guess i should be flattered, because she usually only drools when we’re eating meat, or at least a hot meal. not cookies.

crazy dog.

i gave her a dog treat and now she’s sleeping peacefully.

i have to go to sleep soon myself.

except i have to cross at least something off my list...

goodnight, goodnight,

VERY soon to be a bride,

Sep. 10, 2006
frosting flower frenzy  -  @ 10:23 pm

(i walked past my laptop tonight and the green power light was lit up and i sat in the comfy chair and was happy i was going to be able to use my computer...but of course when i sat down the power light went off and so now i’m stuck here in the poorly-lit office at the big computer that is too heavy to drag around to someplace more comfortable and better lit).

144 frosting flowers made, approximately. plus lots of leaves on sticks, and little pink flowers with gold dragees in the middle.

the gold dragees were hard to track down. at one point during the week i thought “i’ll go to mae’s cake topper!” it used to be on south grand, a great little store packed with lots of cake-decorating supplies. i went there many many many years ago when i first started cake decorating.

but then it moved, to a large and kind of odd place, and i went in there once and they didn’t seem to have much of anything.

but then, friday night we went to Panera, the east side one, in the capital city shopping center, and as i was leaving i went a different way because i had to stop by mom and dad’s house. and there was mae’s cake topper! i was surprised and delighted, because i’d kind of forgotten about my quest for gold dragees, because they’re not going to make or break the cake, but i thought they’d be a pretty touch. but so i decided it was meant to be, but of course they had closed for the day already. but right there in the window was a jar of silver dragees, so i figured they probably also had some gold ones.

dragees are those little edible decorating balls, they’re the size of bb’s i think although come to think of it i don’t recall ever actually seeing a bb.

so on saturday kevin and i went to mae’s cake topper and not only did we get the gold dragees, but he thought we should have a wedding cake topper. we got a nice couple, although there won’t be room for it on the very top of the cake because it’s going to be covered with flowers, so i thought i’d set them on one of the lower tiers.

after our foray to mae’s, we went right next door to Gallina’s pizza because it was right next door, and randy joined us.

so by that time it was too late to start my frosting frenzy, which is why i didn’t get to it till today.

the cabin concert last night was wonderful, by the way, and i strongly suggest you go to one this fall. Here’s their website:

the cabin concerts

i’m getting married on saturday. that’s in exactly six days.

coming right up, i’d have to say. it’s finally sort of actually sinking in tonight. hopefully it won’t keep me up tonight, because i’m extra tired.

and tomorrow is september 11th. which will hopefully be relatively peaceful for the world.

sleep, soon.

ok then,

sunday grace.

p.s. i took some pictures of the frosting flowers but i’m not sure how to upload them onto this computer although now that i’m actually looking down there seem to be quite a few USB ports right on the side of the computer and i’m sure i could figure it out if i were so inclined. perhaps in the morning, when i’ll be refreshed and rejeuvenated and all of that.

Sep. 09, 2006
the only problem right now...  -  @ 4:00 pm

is that i find that because i’m so organized, everything is actually going better than expected.

so i decided to do a few extra things. like, we were going to buy a backup cake at sam’s, in case there’s a feeding frenzy over the cake and we run out.

i decided to bake one myself. what’s one more cake, after all?

and during the ceremony we’re serving sangria and cookies. were going to also buy the cookies at sam’s.

the other night when i was sitting around, kind of bored, i thought I’LL MAKE THE COOKIES MYSELF.

i’m sure i’ve written about baking cookies and selling them at the farmer’s market when i was in high school. so my mass-quantitiy cooking-baking skills go WAY WAY WAY back.

lots of cookies. a piece of cake.

oh yeah, except that i’m getting MARRIED IN A WEEK.

it’s going to be good.

i checked again last night and now there’s a SIXTY percent chance of scattered showers next saturday. i’m not going to look at that website again for a few days, because it’s just going to make me nervous.

and as randy pointed out to me last night as he beat me soundly in boggle (only because he was CHEATING WILDLY), there’s no point being anxious about the weather because i can’t do anything about it.

i’m going to a cabin concert tonight. should be a lot of fun.

i hope your weekend is good. staying out of trouble, not getting caught up in over-baking.

ok then,

saturday grace.

Sep. 08, 2006
this just in...  -  @ 11:32 am
kevin e-mailed me this wire story. people just seemed weirder overall in CA.

Sheriff’s Deputies Make Bizarre Arrest
Wednesday September 6, 2006

Santa Barbara County sheriff’s deputies come across a bizarre encounter at La Purisima Mission in Lompoc.

Around midnight they found a 69-year-old Huntington beach man...naked and covered in oats.

Deputies say the man had covered himself in olive oil, rolled around in oats and allowed the horses at the mission to lick him clean.

He apparently told deputies this has always been a fantasy of his and drove up from the Los Angeles area to play it out.

Alfred Thomas Steven was cited and released for trespassing, animal cruelty and sexually assaulting an animal.

one more thing  -  @ 8:30 am

(also an excuse to delay running for a few more moments) - i took a couple of photos of some of the wedding presents.

here’s the very cool surfboard lamp. ben and gary gave it to me, and i adore it. the picture doesn’t do it justice.

surfer lamp

and this is the party cake plate with matching plates. there are actually 16 plates in all that go with it, so we can have big birthday celebrations. the little plates are from lynn, the platter and one set of plates from mom.

party plates

and this is the second cake serving plate i wanted, and it’s really fancy and beautiful. mom also gave this to me. now we can have cake presented in a fancy manner all the time.

cake plate

ok i have to run now before it starts getting too warm.


i’m starting to feel like  -  @ 8:24 am
my living room floor has turned into a sacrificial altar. maybe we need to construct some kind of actual altar. but no, that would just encourage them.

not that they need any encouragement.

and by “they,” it could be Winnie, the bigger male cat who is very sweet and gentle and came in and put his face next to mine and curled up beside me this morning. but where was he for those few hours when he was gone from the bed in the middle of the night?

or it could be Honey, the smaller female who is also sweet but not so cuddly and never, ever sleeps in the bed nor even in the bedroom.

this morning, in the same spot where the kidney was two nights ago, is a pile of feathers.

at least it’s not an unspecified organ.


i guess that means the organs and the face and the beak and all were all ingested.

what will it be next, that’s what id' like to know. a possum tail? a deer antler? a horse head, a la “the godfather?”

now that would be something to see, one of the kitties dragging in a horse’s head. they’d have a heck of a time getting it through the doggie door. but i’m confident they’d manage it.

whichever one “they” might be.

maybe we need to install a security camera in here so we can see what goes on.

but do i really need to see it?


ok, it’s odd, because i know i wrote an entry last night but it’s not here. strange. i wrote about going out to dinner with the entire cast of “danger: adult content,” the show i was in a couple of months ago. many of them thought i should be nervous about the wedding, and not because of making the cake or anything like that that i actually do worry about somewhat. their issues had more to do with marriage itself.

of course, one of them went through an unsavory divorce not that long ago, another is going through one right now, and a third seems to be teetering on the brink of getting out of the marriage. and none of them are much past thirty. they’re all kind of jaded about the whole marriage concept.

mary agreed with me that we’re older so we know what we want. and jason, who is single, seemed genuinely happy for me. so that was nice.

what happened to the entry from last night?

maybe the cats erased it after sacrificing the bird.

i must run run run now.

ok then,

friday morning grace.

Sep. 06, 2006
today and tonight  -  @ 10:42 pm

hmmm. my day...not so great. some good things, some not very good things.

we took a really lovely boat ride on mom and dad’s pontoon later in the day. i could have been out there for hours.

i don’t feel like talking about it.

but i will say this: right now there is something incredibly, incredibly disgusting on the carpet in front of me. it’s kind of dark in here, so i turned on the light to get a better view. i’m never going to just pick something off the floor after the run-in with the mouse face.

this is...i don’t know what it is. i bet kevin would know, but he’s sleeping.

it looks like the organ of a small animal. a heart, or maybe a liver. definitely an organ, a little tiny one.

does that mean that this time they ate the face, and all of a sudden whichever kitty decided they don’t like organ meat? faces are now fine, but just say no to livers.

gross. really really gross.

the thing is, mollie might get up in the middle of the night and see it and eat it, and then i’ll never know what it is. i could take a picture of it, but that would mean i’d have to look at it some more, and right now i’m trying to pretend it’s not really there.

then again, maybe the face is lying around here somewhere, too.

maybe eventually they’ll get really really finicky and i’ll walk in and there will be little tiny animal parts all over the carpeting. an eyeball here, a kidney there.

that is all for now.

ok then,

grace at kind of a low place.

Sep. 05, 2006
tuesday night  -  @ 9:56 pm

i just didn’t feel like doing anything tonight. nothing at all. so i didn’t. i’ve been sprawled on the couch, watching “the stepford wives.” it was...ok. slightly entertaining. when matthew broderick got in jon lovett’s car and they drove out of the the driveway, i started thinking about all the movies matthew has been in, how doing a shot like driving out of a driveway must be such a regular, average part of his working life. odd, huh? now that’d be the life. i thought about “ferris beuller’s day off,” one of my favorite films, and all the driving around they did in that fancy little red sports car. and here this movie is...many years later, and matthew is still going around in cars in movies.

too bad that he hasn’t done anything as good as ferris bueller in such a long time.

also, did you read that he broke his collar bone in ireland? and quite a while ago when he was there (and i believe back then he was dating the girl who played his sister in FB, the one who got a nose job and then nobody recognized her ahymore), he hit somebody and killed them. i think he was drunk. you’d think after that he wouldn’t really be that eager to go back to ireland.

maybe since he broke his collar bone, he’ll think twice about returning to the emerald isle.

we’ve started getting some really great gifts lately. today we got this surfer lamp, the base is a little surfboard and the shade is some kind of bamboo-type stuff. i picked this on the gift registry because it looked interesting (except we have NO ROOM for any more lamps at all), and it looks even better in real life. i know i’m going to take a picture of it.


when i get motivated to do something again.

maybe i’m just laying low, gathering up my strength to start in on the serious part of the cake preparation, the frosting flowers and the frosting/decorating.

or maybe i’m just tired from lots of running lately. i didn’t run at all today. lazy lazy lazy.

ok then,

still tuesday grace.

mollie mollie mollie  -  @ 1:21 pm

my aunt sandy (who also had a bird poop story and i bet most people have one) wrote that she wanted to seem some photos of mollie. so here are some that i’ve taken before, because i didn’t want to go to the trouble of taking some new ones when i have some very cute ones already.

this first one is a classic cute mollie pose.

cute mollie

here mollie is eating easy cheese off the top of the oven. we took a picture of easy cheese for one of my gracetalk shows, and kevin thought it would be a good idea for mollie to clean up the easy cheese. mollie agreed.

easy cheese mollie

this was two christmases ago when mollie felt the need to sleep in the little cat bed that kevin had.

mollie in little bed

here, mollie and kevin are cowboys.


once again, mollie is sleeping. because she does a lot of this. because she’s a dog.

mollie sleeping

and this is kevin and mollie on a camping trip last summer. kevin is wearing an australian hat that they wear to keep the bugs away. yeah, australians are crazy. and they get eaten/bitten/killed by nature a lot. a silly hat really won’t protect them from danger.
kevin and mollie

this is the giant bone that mollie got for christmas two years ago, and it took her at least a year to eat it.

mollie with giant bone

ok then, that’s enough mollie photos for now.

monday monday monday grace.

p.s. steve irwin  -  @ 4:07 am

it’s sad that the crocodile guy died, but do you remember that book i mentioned, “in a sunburned country,” by bill bryson? after reading that, i don’t think it’s unusual that somebody would get killed in austrailia, i’m amazed that everybody there isn’t getting eaten or stung or bitten or killed in a dramatic fashion down there.

AUSTRALIA, BE VERY CAREFUL OR NATURE WILL KILL YOU. that should be their national bumper sticker.

Muncherella  -  @ 3:57 am

so i was lying in bed and mollie was there on the floor, munching and munching on a rawhide treat.

munch munch munch.

munch munch munch.

i told kevin that it was going to be hard to get to sleep with all that munching. he said she’d stop soon.

munch munch munch.

she left for a few minutes and it was quiet and i almost drifted off because of extreme fatigue.

but then she was back again. munch munch munch.

i said, what if she caught a rabbit and she’s eating it right now? munching it here in the bedroom?

MFH wisely said, let’s not find out. don’t ask, don’t tell.

but i couldn’t resist.

rawhide. she continued to blissfully, noisely chew.

after a good long while of this, Kevin finally said “i think she’s breaking into the treats.”

i went into the kitchen, and there was the big bag of rawhide treats on the floor. she’d been coming in and getting more of them, one by one. this could have gone on all night and i’d probably have continued to think she was eating just the one treat.

all is quiet right now. let’s just ignore the fact that it’s 3:30 a.m. and here i sit.

my friend jerri (who is PREGNANT by the way only i didn’t find out till just two days ago and it’s probably going to be a boy) wrote this to me about bird poop:

"I just wanted to say that I’ve always heard it’s good luck for a bird to
poop on you. Especially if it poops on your head! Seriously! Whenever
I’m around birds I think, will this be my lucky day?

Of course it would still be sort of gross to be pooped on.

I guess my point is, if you DO get pooped on, it’s actually a good thing."

so there you have it. now i don’t have to worry about the bird poop. maybe i could worry that i WON’T get pooped on because then i WON’T have good luck?

luckily i’m not worried either way.

the birthday festivities were quite fun. it was great to cook in amy’s big kitchen with the view of the lake. the kitcken is so big and fancy that i felt like i had a cooking show. plus, mom and kevin and mercedes helped a lot, so it was like i had a cooking show with helpers. very exciting. the food was good, but maybe that’s why i’m up right now, too much rich food when i’ve been eating lots of vegetables and sickeningly healthy stuff lately.

vegetables aren’t so bard, really.

i must admit that i wish i was asleep right now.

i wish tomorrow (actually this morning) was labor day again.

ok ok ok,

sleepy grace.

p.s. my dad, who never ever reads this, looked at the photos i just posted. i need to put more photos up here, so those who don’t care for the reading could look at the nice pictures.

i’ll put that on my list of things to do. maybe it doesn’t have to be a top priority this week, though, because i am going to be a little busy with one or two other things.

Sep. 04, 2006
getting rich quick  -  @ 9:53 am

i’m the only one awake around here so it feels like it’s early in the morning even thought it’s almost 10.

this morning somebody wrote and suggested we sell the bottles on ebay. randy has already been ALL OVER this idea, telling me we could make a fortune on them. i’m not sure that ebay would be the right place to do it, though, because it seems that a person would need to see the real things instead of just a photo.

i have to go running now, even though i’d like to sleep some more. i woke up with a headache and lots of things on my mind that i felt i needed to GET UP AND ADDRESS.

nothing seems so urgent now that i’m actually up. or maybe my mind is actually sharper when i’m lying there in bed obsessing about things,and then being out of bed brings my brain down to a more dull level.

amy talked to a bride on her wedding day the other day and the bride was sobbing. i don’t feel that i’m going to be sobbing. except the other day i was listening to my new favorite cd called “rockin' and rollin' wedding songs” and for some crazy reason i started tearing up and decided that getting all sentimental and weepy is NOT going to happen. feeling all sentimental during the wedding is fine, but NO TEARS! because i suddenly look very very bad if i even start to cry one little bit. my nose gets all red and then it starts running and i’ll probably forget to include a handkerchief in the stuff i have with me when walking down the aisle. since i’ll probably just have a BOUQUET.

i talked to a bride who is getting married on the same day as me and she’s getting married in some old historic chapel and was talking about how she was thinking about having the ceremony outside but then she figured that a bird would POOP ON HER.

what? this isn’t a worry i’d even dreamed of worrying about.

i’m not going to worry about it now, it’s too late for new worries.

ok, enough stalling, must run now b4 it gets warmer...

labor day grace

Sep. 03, 2006
FLUFF  -  @ 10:43 pm

i forgot to mention, kevin just invited somebody named FLUFF to the wedding.


he has a friend named mark and his wife’s name is FLUFF.

is that her MIDDLE name, is her first name MARSHMALLOW?


i hope they come, because i’ve never had the opportunity to meet anybody named fluff.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY,  -  @ 10:21 pm

even though your birthday was friday. we’re celebrating tomorrow night, though, and i’m making mexican food. i decided i don’t have quite enough to occupy my time, so i’d do some cooking.

Kynda has also been busy, thinking all things flowers for the wedding. here’s a lovely photos she sent me today, just something she was practicing:

test bouquet

beautiful, huh?

today i FINALLY FINISHED THE BOTTLES. i sprayed the glaze on them and they’re now COMPLETELY done. here they are. the two bright pink ones on the right side are the original ones i patterned all the others after.

bottles, finally

i’m glad i’m done with them. i can’t believe how long they took. thank god i had mom help me finally, because i’d still be painting all by myself.

that wasn’t the major part of the day today, though. that would be CAKE BAKING. here’s my with some of my perfect cakes. these are all the carrot cake layers, which i finished today.

cakes cakes cakes

i was pleased with how they turned out. see the flower in my hair? that’s my making-wedding-cake flower. i decided i needed to wear something festive while spending the day baking. then i had to go to the grocery store and kept the flower in my hair and i probably looked like a young bag lady. bag lady in training. i was also wearing my horton hears a who orange and black shorts. quite a fashion statement.

i got stuff at the store for making dinner tomorrow night, and i came home and made some mexican soup. it’s going to be delicious. but i do have to say i’m a little tired of cooking right now and it’s nice to just sit here typing. my computer continues to function at the moment, but it could go at any time.

my friend kelly called tonight and she’s making her plane reservation. i’m concerned about her flying into st. louis because even though she lives in a big city (D.C.) and has lived in other big cities (including LA and Denver), she’s not so good with directions while driving. but maybe because she HAS to find the right road, she will. i told her she needs to see the lincoln museum while she’s here and she said her daughter’s favorite president is Lincoln. last year when she was in kindergarten, they didn’t want kids to spell their names because they’d do it wrong (is this logical?), so intead everybody got a number. katie was number 16, and lincoln was the 16th president. i wonder if that’s why she likes lincoln the best. i also wanted to know if they called the kids “hey, 24,” or they actually remembered their names.

i have to stop typing now so i can do something even less energetic, like watching another episode of “reno 911,” except if i start i’m afraid i’ll stay up really really late watching it because i’m kind of addicted.

that is all for the moment,

sunday grace.

Sep. 01, 2006
poor, poor mollie  -  @ 11:43 am

i was sitting here in the office typing on the computer (i’m trying not to use my computer anymore because it just makes me mad and i’m trying to avoid being mad) and mollie came in, in quite a hurry, and tried to climb up into my lap. i didn’t know what was wrong, but then realized...she was about to get her dreaded BATH.

she’s needed one for a very very long time. the last time i gave her a bath was weeks ago, when she stepped out of the tub, fully lathered up.

this time kevin is giving her a bath. i’m sure she’ll be very well-behaved for the whole grueling, humiliating, HORRIBLE experience.

and then she’ll be SO HAPPY when it’s over.

the highs and lows of a doggy life.

ok then,


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