YouTube Crazy!

by grace on February 27, 2022

I’ve posted many, many videos on youtube over the years, hundreds of them I’m sure. I posted lots and lots of videos about our different trips, multiple accounts of hiking in Wales, Sailing on the Queen Mary to England, taking the train to Glacier, biking in Scotland, plus random cat videos, all kinds of random things. Over the years I sometimes get sad because many of the ones about our travels that I really care about haven’t gotten many views; I’ll never be an influencer; I’m lucky if anybody but Mom and Kevin watch my videos.

But mostly it doesn’t bother me because I just enjoy doing it. I have to post the videos on youtube so I can then publish them here, that’s the only reason I put them on youtube.

So…I published the video about cheesecake maybe an hour or so ago, and I suddenly have three comments on youtube! This is bizarre, plus there are already 700 views. Some of the videos that I made about walking the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in Wales have almost no views!

Obviously, baking is where it’s at, at least in YouTube world. Also funny are the comments. One person says “you need to put it in the fridge.” Ha! Another says “idk how to make cheese cake but aren’t you supposed to put it in the fridge?” And my favorite is “You don’t cook cheesecake.”

Hahahaha! Of course, I didn’t have any long explanation attached to the video, so maybe if they’d known any of the story they wouldn’t have made these comments. So I just edited it, adding a longer explanation about what happened, and then I even commented to the commenters. But probably these are people who spend their time zinging around anything to do with cooking on youtube, and they won’t care or know anything about what really happened and certainly won’t take the time to look at my site.

I also just noticed that I have 17 “likes” and no “thumbs downs” yet, anyway. I’m glad about this but it’s also very funny to me.

Anyway, after yesterday’s running around I’m having a serious issues with trying to get off the couch. Maybe it’ll happen soon.

But maybe not.

Ok then,

Mrs. you’re really bothering to comment on a dumb cheesecake video Hughes??!!!

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