by grace on February 3, 2010

it was gray yesterday, but today the sun is out.  there are still gobs of geese out on the lake right in front of the house, and down the way, but i’m not going to take any more pictures because we’re in the process of remodeling the bathroom and right now, as i type, i should instead be PAINTING.

but it’s nice to sit here for a few minutes before i plunge into it.  but i need to hurry up and get it done, because kevin can’t put the new floor down til i’m done painting, then he has to put in the new sink.  and i need my bathroom back!

so, quickly, here are some of the many pictures i took yesterday morning of all those darn geese.  i liked it that there was water and ice both, and some of the geese looked like they were walking on water.



the orange and the potato used to be somewhere out there.  they’re on the bottom of the lake now, and i’m sure they’ll start growing pretty soon.


i wish this photo was bigger, but you can see the ice floes in front of the geese.





i love this with the two geese front and center who are facing in opposite directions.  i kept trying to take a really tight zoom shot, but the camera just wouldn’t stay still enough.



i like this one because there are those upside-down geese in the top of the frame.  plus of course the goose walking on water.


mollie could still smell the dead goose from the day before, and when i turned around she had walked out on the ice!  very bad dog – the ice was very thin.


i yelled at her, and up she flew like a shot.


i was surprised to see winnie out on the dock.  he’s been going crazy staying inside, but it has just been too cold and snowy for him.  i guess he figured he’d make an attempt since mollie and i were out for such a long time.  but almost right after he got there, amy let numie and noodle out in their fenced-in yard and they were barking like crazy.


here he is, about to flee.



as he ran up the hill he started to puff up.


his tail is still really puffy.  at least he got outside for a few minutes.


today, though, it is supposed to be in the 30’s.  but i won’t be going out anymore because I MUST PAINT!  RIGHT NOW!

this morning at the fit club a woman said it’s supposed to snow 3-5 inches on thursday.  i’m hoping she just made that up.

ok then,

vey busy wednesday grace.

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