yes, that was me yesterday,

by grace on January 7, 2012

walking way out to the end of the driveway to get the mail, wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt and eating a bowl of ice cream.


and yes, that was me, running through the field with mollie, wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt (me, not mollie), with a stiff breeze blowing right at me, but i WAS NOT COLD.

I EVEN PUSHED UP MY SLEEVES on the run back.


it was glorious, and so far the winter has been pretty awesome with no snow at all and some good temperatures.

it’s not LA, with daily sunshine and 75 degrees, but i am never in a traffic jam here.

kevin took les paul out for a walk on the leash while mollie and i went running and then later i took les out because he was DYING TO GET OUT THERE, and because


first, here’s a cute picture that kevin took the other day of two kitties trying to relax in the basement.

here’s mollie and lester as we started out.  that giant limb there is one that’s been hanging from the tree since before we moved here; a mighty wind the other day finally blwe it down.

lester did a lot of scratching on every surface he came to.

and then, we reached the giant dying tree in amy and jim’s yard, the one you can see through because it’s almost entirely hollow, the one where the raccoons live.  les is always excited about this tree.

he found a fallen branch with a big hole!  very, very exciting for the kitten.

of course he had to climb inside to explore.

mollie started sniffing around, sure that les had found something good.

he loves to find places to crawl into.

after that, he was off to explore the rest of the yard.

unfortunately, though, the camera battery died.  i actually don’t know how i could have taken many more pictures anyway because les went down to the rocks and then over into the tangle of underbrush and it was all i could do to keep up and untangle him constantly.

we finally went inside, and THERE WAS A SLAALOM SKIIER OUT ON THE LAKE!

one year, maybe last year, i saw a skiier in march. BUT THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING OF JANUARY.

this guy was really good, too.

he kept swerving from side to side, sending out a showy wake of water.

they came right past the dock and then went away.  i figured they were gone for good, so i took a picture of this planter full of shamrocks – they sprouted out of the canna lilly planter last summer and they continue to be vibrantly green.

once i was inside again the skiier came back, but i figured i’d taken enough pictures.

the amazing thing is that it’s supposed to be in the 40s now for a few days, and then a couple of days when it gets more “seasonal,” only in the 20s or 30s, but then the temperature is going to climb again!  maybe this doesn’t mean much to you if you stay inside all day, but i’m starting to think that this winter is NOT SO BAD.

and before you know it, march will be here.

on then,

mrs. getting way ahead of myself hughes.

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